Xbox fanboys have been buzzing around any and all positive forms of media for the Xbox One that they can get and who are we to deny them this luxury when there are so few opportunities to say or show anything decent or remotely good about the Xbox One (like this tidbit of news here)? Well, you can chalk up the Ryse: Son of Rome story trailer as one of those rare, visually delectable treats in which fanboys can bask in their brand's worth.

Gamespot managed to toss up the trailer, free of any kind of commentary or narrative structure, so I take it upon myself to be the voice of the voiceless and provide context to a trailer that is, otherwise, without context.

So basically, the trailer starts by setting up the premise of the story, giving gamers a brief synopsis of the time period and location. After establishing the basics so no one is questioning why this guy isn't in New York, acting like a proper Republican by beating up poor people protesting outside their local Senator's home for better health care, the trailer moves on to 1980s exploitation material.

We're soon introduced to the generic-faced Marius, the lead protagonist who is the stone-faced killer of fathers, murderer of husbands and a general genocidal, bastard-maker machine. We also find out that some other stone-cold brute has done to his family what he does to thousands of other men: they were killed... murdered real good... had the blood spilled from them like a single mother draining blood from a pack of ground beef before feeding it to her kids.

With rage-fueled hypocrisy running thick through his veins like a liberal attending a pro-life rally, and a putrid hatred burning in his heart like extreme right-wingers hating people cashing welfare checks, Marius goes out of his way to get revenge against the faceless hordes using the only thing he's ever loved in his life (next to wife and kids, of course): violence.

Players will go on a rage-filled quest of vengeance as they play judge, jury and executioner on every poor S.O.B who was pitiful enough to strap-on his loin cloth and head out onto the battlefield. The game will provide players with enough QTE kill-spots and opportunities to relieve aggression that it'll make angry fanboy flame threads look like an afternoon of sbiten and biscuits between Al Franken and Bill O'Reilly at the Zamek Królewski in Warsaw.

Nevertheless, Ryse: Son of Rome's story trailer appears to be one of nationalism, propagating the rise of Rome from the ashes that were spawned from flaming news reports circulating around child molestation charges and underage rape by priests. It's a trailer saying that Rome can get back to being manly and aggressive and uses tropes from 80s bad-action movies to give prominence and prestige to the city. There's nothing more patriotic than a man going on a killing spree, mowing down countless hordes of people that don't look like him in the name of his dead wife and kid.

If you want to be part of a new wave of Roman patriotism, feel free to join the legions as a son of Rome when Ryse launches alongside the Xbox One on November 22nd next month.

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