With all the PS4 and Xbox One news coming out of Gamescom today, it can be easy to lose track of what's actually coming out right now. Saints Row 4 publisher sent out a launch trailer today to humble remind us that the game is now available throughout North America.

In the past Saints Row games, the Third Street Saints have bested rival gangs, an evil corporation and an international crime syndicate. Now, they face a completely different challenge: aliens. Shortly after the Third Street Saints' leader is elected president, these aliens begin an assault on Earth.

To neutralize the Saints, the extraterrestrials invaders imprison them in a virtual reality version of Steelport. This VR prison carries unexpected advantages for the Saints, though. Because it's not the real world, they can perform superhuman feats such as telekinesis or flight.

As the trailer points out, the early reviews for the game have been largely positive. Here's a few excerpts from other sites:

"Saints Row was born of Grand Theft Auto, but although both feature open cities and freeform violence, they’ve diverged. Grand Theft Auto is desperate to be a film, to be satire, to be an experience. Saints Row IV wants to be a game, and by showing its heartfelt love for the medium, it’s become something wonderful." - PC Gamer

"Every single thing in Saints Row 4 is worth doing, which is a huge accomplishment on its own, but its story missions in particular are inventive, hilariously unexpected examples of truly inspired game design." - Joystiq

"Saints Row IV does not innovate nor break new ground. What it does do is reinvigorate a simple idea often lost in the race for cinematic showboating: having fun. This is a fitting and well handled ending to the Saints’ story, with its wit showcasing the quality of the writing team and range of voice actors. It caused more outbursts of laughter than anything else in quite some time. Funny, crude and yet charming, it’s difficult to imagine a better finale to this series. The superior sequel and a conclusion that doesn’t disappoint – a rare breed indeed." - Thunderbolt.

Sadly, there's no demo for the game so you can try before you buy. However, you can fiddle with the free Inauguration Station to see what kind of characters you can build in the game. Perhaps the sheer collection of hairstyles SR4 offers will compel you to make the purchase.

Saints Row 4 will debut in Europe on Friday. The Australian release was pushed back due to the crabby ratings board there. That country won't get the game until September 20th.

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