Serj Tankian, former frontman for the band System of a Down and more recently known for his solo efforts, has once again dipped his toe into the world of video games. Tankian is providing the soundtrack for Industrial Toys' upcoming mobile first-person shooter, Morning Star.

Not due out until sometime next spring for iOS, Morning Star comes from one of the minds behind the original Halo series, Alex Seropian, and Tim Harris. The duo tapped Tankian to create their upcoming game's musical score, a title that was built from the ground up to make first-person shooting a solid experience on the mobile platform.

“We've been big fans of Serj's for quite some time,” said Industrial Toys CEO Seropian. “We knew his score would be unique, but it's his ability to interpret a scene or gameplay element and come up with something that makes it moodier, more dramatic or just more awesome that's really got us pumped.”

Industrial Toys recently released a trailer featuring a brief taste of Tankian's work.

What, no badical, driving piano? No soaring roller coaster of Tankian's trademark vocals? I am disappoint. Okay, maybe that wouldn't have been appropriate, but a boy can dream, right?

This is actually Tankian's second foray into the land of video games following his work on 2007's Stranglehold. For this second go, Tankian said he was inspired by Morning Star's artwork.

“Though most of the gameplay will be action oriented cues, the stunning artwork and static scenes have inspired unique sounds unheard before,” Tankian said.

Look for Morning Star, as well as Tankian's new score, to hit iOS sometime in Spring 2013.

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