For those of you who can't get enough over-the-top action-movie-inspired antics, you'll likely want to jump into The Showdown Effect soon, as the developers have now announced a free batch of DLC for the four-player brawler offering wild west stages, espionage and sci-fi characters and “terrifying hats.”

The Showdown Effect is all about bringing your favorite action movie cliches into a single setting where they can all beat the crap out of one another. From a martial arts expert to a down-on-his-luck cop with nothing to lose, the whole gang is here and ready to tear the place apart with loads of guns and style to spare.

Today, Paradox Interactive announced that The Showdown Effect will be getting some brand-spanking-new DLC offering new playable characters and levels inspired by the wicky-wild-wild-west.

“In today's update players receive two new levels, South Eastwook and Fort Fiesta, inspired by classic spaghetti western films, with an unhealthy dose of 1980s monster movies mashed into the mix,” reads a statement from Paradox. “Players will also meet two new characters: Thelma Vaine, British super-spy with a cloaking device and a sharp tongue; and Dr. Johnny Bionic, a cyborg who must fight every day to keep his drill-saw-arm from murdering all humans.”

Both the levels and the new characters will be available for free with the levels being added in organically and players needing to spend in-game currency to grab the characters. You can also spend some real-world coin to grab a new set of Western costumes.

For more details or to dive right into the game, head to The Showdown Effect's official website.

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