IronClad Games, the makers of the 4x strategy game series Sins of a Solar Empire, and Future Games Publishing, a new publishing studio formed to output free-to-play MMOs, had a countdown timer last week indicating that a new title was on the way. Today, the countdown timer expired and Sins of a Dark Age was unveiled.

So what kind of game is it? Well, it features a mix of real-time strategy, third-person action and MMO properties all rolled up into one big, free-to-play experience.

As stated in the press release...
Independent developer Ironclad’s Sins of a Dark Age is a genre-blending gem that seduces both strategic and tactical gamers. This free-to-play fantasy PC game introduces gamers to a new real-time strategy experience: Commander, Army, and Hero will fight side by side in a unique hybrid between the ‘traditional RTS’ and the popular ‘action RTS’. We call it ‘Hero-and-Commander Strategy’.

The game is very similar to Reto-Moto's upcoming Heroes & Generals or S1's classic action title, Savage. There will be a commanding player who takes control of the battlefield from a strategic standpoint and then there will be "hero" players who carry out the commander's plans while facing enemies on the frontlines.

It's an ambitious sounding project and gamers looking for a competitive free-to-play title that's slightly different from all the other RPG grind-fests out there might want to look further into checking out Sins of a Dark Age. You can check out the fact sheet below or pay a visit to the game's Official Website to learn more.

Sins of a Dark Age Gameplay Features:
* Experience the new & unrivalled ‘Hero-and-Commander Strategy’ style of gameplay.

* Discover a new meaning to classic strategies such as the traditional RTS ‘early rush’ & the Action RTS ‘counter-jungling’.

* Jump right into a design that is easy & accommodating to both new & veteran players.

* Immerse yourself in a surreal art style, inspiring character design & a variety of maps and scenarios.

* Feel confident that you’ll never miss out on a match. Instantly rejoin a game or jump into shorthanded games to save the day and earn bonus rewards for yourself and your clan!

* New heroes, commanders, factions & skins can be purchased to customize your hero & armies.

* Establish, showcase & defend your personal & clan achievements with leaderboards, stats tracking, online replays, & kill-cam moments.

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