The Slenderman has become a meta-phenomenon in some media pop-culture societies. Not everyone knows what the Slenderman is or what the lore is about, but the game Slender, managed to rack up quite a stir in many gaming circles due to being one of the scariest games ever made. Well, a dedicated team is now behind a taller, more slender approach to Slenderman and it's called Slender: Source.

One of the things that made the original game so cool and scary was its simplicity; all you had to do was find eight pages in a dark forest without being mind-raped by the Slenderman. It sounds easy but it was quite challenging. What's more is that the game was shrouded in a bit of mystery thanks to no one properly knowing anything about its original design prima facie. It was later discovered that Parsec Productions designed Slender but all evidence of the game was wiped from their website.

Well, a new group is now working on an updated take on the Slenderman mythos and it's called Slender: Source, adequately named after the Valve Source Engine, which is powering the game. To help showcase what gamers will be able to experience when it releases, a brief teaser trailer was made public, which you can view below.

It looks all right, minus the stupid music. But is it possible that Slender: Source could be the next Counter-Strike: Source? Well, we won't know until it makes its way into the public domain. For now it's just a teaser of a project that very few people know anything about and we'll just have to keep an eye on it as it makes some headway through development.

One of the biggest changes between this version of the game and Parsec Productions Slenderman title is that the Source adds four-player co-op, and you'll still die in one touch. I have no idea how well this will work but it sounds frighteningly delicious.

You can learn more about this Half-Life 2 mod turned into an epic project by visiting the Official Moddb Website.

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