Hi-Rez Studios' new free-to-play, multiplayer battle arena action-strategy game, SMITE, is still accepting beta applicants and in the meantime the studio has released a new video walkthrough to give gamers a nice idea of what it takes to overcome opponents using skill, smarts and teamwork.

SMITE sees players taking on the role of iconic mythological gods from various cultures, even a few who have stirred up a bit of controversy for their voluptuous depictions in the game.

All of the above aside, the game itself is pretty cool looking if you're into the whole Defense of the Ancients style gameplay. Well, Hi-Rez is offering some advanced tips on how to beat the crap out of your opponents with a neat little video below.

Okay, I told a bit of a fib. That was not a "little" video...it clocked in at close to 10 minutes, so yeah. Anyway, at least you learned enough about SMITE to give you a proper impression of what to expect from the game. If you wanted something slightly different from League of Legends it doesn't look like a bad alternative.

You can sign up right now to participate in the on-going beta testing for SMITE by paying a visit to the game's Official Website.

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