Sonic really is on a comeback to being considered a real brand once more – following up on the awesome Sonic & Sega All Stars Transformed, Sonic Lost World is like a mix of Super Mario Galaxy and Sonic Colors and the new video walkthrough is pure next-gen goodness.

The demo covers several levels from the game and how vastly cool the game has evolved. Oh man the game really just fires on all cylinders the way you would expect from a next-gen game oino a Nintendo platform.

The Super Mario Galaxy, skeuomoprhic 3D level designs are just, insane. Being able to to interact with almost every angle of the stage brings a certain level of originality and creative design ingenuity that's rarely explored in platform games like this. There's so much going on in some levels that I wonder how well players will be able to consume the design concepts and sort of asymmetrical platforming.

Out of the three levels showcased the first one was probably the most breathtaking given that there were just so many different routes and ways to attack those routes really made the game pop like few other games out there. I like that the scale of the game isn't just about moving forward but also moving up, around, over and through various segments and obstacles. It's like problem solving visualized in a 3D format and this might be a cool way for teachers to help kids attack issues and problems three-dimensionally.

I have to be honest, this game looks absolutely spell-bounding. I love the design and I love the way the game plays. Changing Sonic's speed so that he has a walk-sprint and an actual run really helps with players who try to exercise a more cautious take on the platforming antics. I've run into that problem oh-so-often in the Sonic Adventure, Sonic Colors, Sonic Heroes and other 3D Sonic titles where precision jumping is difficult to execute when he's moving so fast. Having a walk and a run separates those kind of issues and makes it so much easier for methodical-playing platform gamers.

Now there is something that's kind of not cool about the game... something that irked me ever since I've been watching promo footage of the game... the music. Unlike previous Sonic games before it, this is the one time that the music never stood out at all and I found myself forcing to listen to it in order to hear something distinctive or iconic. While there are plenty of throwbacks to previous games in the series, with old enemies and designs cropping up every once in a while, I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed with the music in the stages that were on display in the demo.

Maybe in the full thing there are slightly more memorable tracks – but comparing Sonic Lost World to something like Sonic Colors when it comes to the soundtrack, I'm sorry but Lost World falls flat. We'll find out in late October if the rest of the music in the game kicks it into high gear or if it'll be the only weak link in what looks like an otherwise strong game.

You can learn more about Sonic Lost World by paying a visit to the game's official website.

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