Remember back in the day, console gaming evolved on a periodic basis of about every half-decade? Well, Sony Computer Entertainment's president Andrew House is putting an end to that kind of business methodology. According to House, releasing a new console every five to six years is done and over with.

In an interview with Inside Games [via Gimmie Gimmie Games] House talks about the ever-changing landscape of video games, and more-so relates to the fact that the way public traded companies work it just wouldn't be feasible to launch a new console every so many years in the same way that the gaming industry has been doing since the 1980s, saying...
“Game consoles connecting to online networks is now the norm. The value of a console increases by connecting to an online network. Former business models that rely on switching to new generations of hardware on a several year basis have ended because of this.

We expect our online sales for this year to be 1.5 times greater than last. Particularly, the number of users that have been paying via methods other than a credit card have been increasing. Even the common user now realizes the attraction of downloading games to play.”

In other words, online connectivity, cloud gaming and leasing games to gamers is a much more profitable venture than being in the business for the creative endeavors.

With Sony's recent acquisition of Gaikai, a cloud streaming service, it kind of lends itself to the belief that the upcoming PlayStation 4 will also double down as the PlayStation 5, enabling Sony to stream high-end gaming content via the cloud as opposed to requiring gamers to upgrade to a new console.

So far, the industry is running wild with rumors that Sony will at least announce the PlayStation 4 at E3 in 2013 for a potential 2014 release. That would still be a pretty lousy business move on Sony's part given that Nintendo would have two whole years to eat up market share and if Microsoft planned to release in 2013 that would give MS a chance at eating up the rest of the market share.

Regardless of what happens, 2013 will be a very interesting year and the next wave of consoles from MS and Sony will be very telling as both companies seem to want to get away from releasing new hardware every half decade.

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