How much are you willing to forfeit for ultimate power? That's the question players must constantly answer in the PlayStation Vita exclusive, Soul Sacrifice, and, thanks to the fact its hitting the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection later today, said players won't have to sacrifice a single extra dime to enjoy this dark action game.

One of my favorite Vita titles of all time, Soul Sacrifice is the brainchild of Designer Keiji Inafune. You know, the guy responsible for Mega Man and upcoming Kickstarter darling, Mighty No. 9?

In Soul Sacrifice, players take on the role of an imprisoned wizard who comes into possession of a very strange book. The book, as it turns out, is the diary of an especially powerful mage and contains stories of all of his adventures and exploits. By reading these stories, the captured mage hopes to draw from the author's own powers and eventually overthrow his captors. In other words, you've got a bunch of combat and monster-filled memories to relive, all set in a dark world where legend becomes reality and the folklore of many cultures is gathered and twisted into new and gruesome forms.

The main play mechanic of Soul Sacrifice is right there in the title. Players sacrifice everything from small objects, to their own body parts, to the lives of their companions (it's a four-player co-op game, after all) in order to gain access to the best magics. I clot of dirt from a grave can encase your arm in stone in order to pummel your foes, for instance, where those willing to sacrifice their own flesh can unleash a tremendous spell that burns every enemy in range.

The game is repetitive in that you will be playing a constant loop of entering an area, fighting a bunch of monsters, grabbing loot, getting more powerful, repeat. When you're not fighting, you'll be customizing your character's look and abilities, as well as mixing and matching various spells to learn new and more powerful weapons. For those who enjoy that sort of reward loop, there's plenty of content here to keep you busy for hours on end. More so, in fact, thanks to the ridiculous amount of free DLC that's come out since the game's launch.

All of that can be yours at no additional charge on top of your Plus subscription this week as Soul Sacrifice joins the free game lineup.

The rest of the week's Plus offerings are pretty slim, though we suspect that some Black Friday deals might pop up with additional Plus benefits by the end of the week. For now, though, you can get a Draw Slasher Hanzo Avatar free of charge, as well as a discount on a pair of Dynasty Warriors games. DW6 drops from $19.99 to $11.99 for Plus this week while DW7 moves from $29.99 to just $19.99.

Look for the PS Plus update to go live this very afternoon, along with the regular weekly PSN update.

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