To commemorate the release of Madden 09 in August 12th, Sony will be offering a special PSP Entertainment Pack of hardware and software. You know what that means - a new PSP color! OMG!

The crown jewel of this special bundle is a limited edition "Metallic Blue" PSP. Okay, it's not a completely "new" color - they've gotten it in Japan as a standalone product - but now it'll be here in the States. Personally, I was hoping they'd paint John Madden's face onto these PSP's but oh well. I'll just have to be content with a less creepy PSP.

The bundle will also come with a copy of Madden 09, a 1 GB memory stick, a voucher to download the rhythm video game Beats from the Playstation Store, and a UMD video called NFL: In Just One Play that showcases various NFL superstars. The video was produced by NFL Films so if you're like me and enjoy watching football game highlights set to orchestra music, this is for you.

According to Sony, the Entertainment Pack will retail for $200. That's about ten bucks less than what you'd pay just to buy the PSP and Madden otherwise so it's a decent bargain if you're a PSP-less pigskin fan.

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