This week you'll be able to try out EA Canada's upcoming reboot of SSX. The demo of the over-the-top snowboarding game will debut on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN on February 21st. PS3 gamers in the UK will receive it the following day.

Creative director Todd Batty said during the latest SSX Ubercast that the demo will allow you to play four events from the full game. It also offers up two tutorials so you're not completely clueless. You're limited to one character, Zoe Payne, for the demo unless you refer the demo to a friend. If you do so, you'll unlock Mackenzie "Mac" Fraser.

SSX will allow players to snowboard across mountains from Japan, Siberia, Alaska and several other locations around the world. The levels were designed in part using NASA data from these mountain ranges. The gameplay is said to be more open-ended than in previous games, enabling players to explore the terrain and find their favorite spots.

The full version of SSX will arrive on February 28th in North America. The European launch will follow on March 2nd.

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