Soon Star Wars: The Old Republic will add a new recruitable companion for players. A new trailer that aired at Comic Con introduces us to the new addition, assassination droid HK-51.

An Imperial transport carrying an army of HK-51s crashed somewhere on Belsavis. The Sith Empire and Galactic Republic are both attempting to wrest control of them away from rogue Sith Lords who recovered them. Players will dive right into the middle of this clusterfuck and get their own HK-51 companion as a result.

The HK-51 is a new model from the same series as HK-47. HK-47, if you recall, was a boss enemy in two of Old Republic's Flashpoints. He was also a recruitable companion in the Knights of the Old Republic games. In addition to wielding an impressive arsenal of weapons, HK-47 had a very entertaining speech pattern (he called non-synthetic life "meatbags"). Presumably HK-51 will have similar personality quirks.

BioWare didn't mention when exactly this droid will be available. They promise that the update adding it will arrive in the "very near future," though.

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