When the home video industry moves from one format to another, whether VHS to DVD or DVD to Blu-ray, society is given a chance to bury the films it never should have made by not converting them to the new format. Unfortunately, that opportunity was missed with Street Fighter: The Movie. The 1994 film adaptation of the arcade fighter will be released on Blu-ray on February 10th.

The release date of Street Fighter: Extreme Edition will coincide roughly with that of Street Fighter IV, which is set to hit next-gen consoles this winter. Apparently they're counting onSFIV's release to generate excitement about the franchise and inspire people to buy the Blu-ray. The reverse scenario seems very unlikely. The disc will come with the usual extras - director commentary, deleted scenes, outtakes, etc.

It's probably one of the better video game film adaptation out there, though that's obviously not saying much. Still, it was fairly impressive that they managed to string together all of the random ass characters from the games into one plot. Also, it's got Raul Julia and he's a pretty good actor in films other than this one. I'd provide more reasons to buy it but doubtless you're all scrambling to pre-order copies now so don't let me keep you.

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