A new combat video for Sui Generis showcases more of the game's combat as well as offering players a nice indication of how a real boss fight should be, as two players attempt to take down a flail-wielding behemoth who beats the living crap out of them.

The cool part about procedural combat is that it's unpredictable, unwieldy and actually dangerous. Basically, procedural combat doesn't follow the basic rules of other fighting games where there are canned animations and reactions, this means that if someone is swinging around a sword, spear, mace or whatever, you can get hit with it if it makes contact, not because the animation sequence deems it so.

It's a little difficult properly explaining procedural physics and combat, but thankfully a new video for the Kickstarter project Sui Generis does all the explaining for me. Check it out below.

I love that part with the flail-wielding behemoth who just decimates those two knights. That is how a boss fight should be, where players are afraid to get close and you can get steamrolled pretty easily.

A game like this opens up a lot of possibilities for a lot of different games and I'm hoping that whether this Kickstarter project succeeds or not they can actually get this tech licensed out for more people to use, because it would be pretty neat seeing varying types of procedural combat in other games. I'd love to think that it's the future of gaming but...well, there's that whole AAA business and whatnot.

Anywya, you can learn more about Sui Generis or pledge some funds to the project (and it's kind of in desperate need of some help) by visiting the Official Kickstarter Page.

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