With more than 100,000 used games up for trade, SwitchGames has surpassed GameStop's onilne offerings and has now become one of the largest online trading markets for video games. The highlight of SwitchGames, however, is that a small portion of the proceeds from used game sales heads back into the hands of developers. So it’s no longer a debate about companies losing prof from used games – something that GameStop took for granted and has no means of changing.

According to Jason Crawford, SwitchGames' co-founder…
"It's not us, it's the community," … "Members have created a huge inventory in a short amount of time, which proves this is more of a movement than a website. We are trying to revolutionize the $3B used game business by organizing and empowering gamers to take control of it. We're providing the infrastructure but it's the gamers who are beginning to flex their power in numbers."

The site is rapidly growing and their offerings will only deepen as more gamers jump on board. It’s a great way to empower one of the most prolific communities out there and it’s good that they at least have a business model that wants to see growth within the gaming industry.

You can learn more about SwitchGames or hop right into the trading process by visiting the Official Website.

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