The PlayStation Vita's augmented reality games are an odd assortment of titles that let you turn the world around you into anything from a soccer pitch to a field of battle for warring tanks. On April 9, you'll even be able to play a round of putt-putt on your kitchen table as Sony Computer Entertainment America launches Table Mini Golf for the PSV.

A download only title hitting the PlayStation Network, Table Mini Golf alters any flat surface in your environment, turning it into a collection of putt-putt holes for you to try your luck at. Similar to what we've already seen with such titles as Reality Fighters, Table Mini Golf makes even the most mundane location in the real world into a fun place to play on the PS Vita.

Originally announced on the PlayStation Blog, Table Mini Golf offers “dozens” of courses for the player to enjoy, as well as three divers characters to play as.

“Courses are split into one of two lively themes, horror and pirates, and come in both rookie and pro difficulties to satisfy those looking for a lighthearted and/or challenging good time,” said Associate Project Manager Nick Accordino. “These courses can be mixed and matched across two distinct modes, free play and elimination, in which up to four players or AI partners can compete to see whose putting skills are above and below par.”

Table Mini Golf is set to hit the Vita through PSN on April 29 for $1.99. For those who can't get enough of that sweet-sweet putt-putt action, and additional Toyland Course Pack will also be available at launch for an additional $0.99.

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