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NBA 2K18 Responds To Their Cover Problem The Only Way They Can

So there's been a brewing pot of controversy surrounding the upcoming NBA 2K18 and the way 2K Sports could end up in a hot spot over the cover athlete, Kyrie Irving. With the whole trade controversy of Irving moving to a different team, it turns the NBA 2K18 cover situation on its head... but 2K has responded in the only way that it could.

NBA 2K16 Story Mode Written And Directed By Spike Lee

A surprising twist for the upcoming basketball game from 2K Sports and Visual Concepts is that they've collaborated with renown filmmaker Spike Lee to bring the game's story mode to life. The announcement sent quite a bit of buzz circulating through the sports and gaming world.

WWE 2K15 DLC Includes Instant Unlocks, Ultimate Warrior's Career

WWE 2K15 will receive several months' worth of DLC. Today 2K Games laid out the full schedule of the game's post-launch content along with details on the Season Pass.

WWE 2K15 Roster Revealed, Did Your Favorite Wrestler Make The Cut?

WWE 2K15 will launch with 47 wrestlers this fall. 2K Games revealed the full list of superstars in the game this weekend.

WWE 2K15 And NBA 2K15 Confirmed By Take-Two

Take-Two Interactive's plans for the coming year include new WWE and NBA titles. 2K15 installments for both series were mentioned in the company's third-quarter earnings report.

NBA 2K14's Always-On DRM, Microtransactions Get Blasted By Kotaku

Kotaku recently did a editorial column addressing and rolling out all the game's faults as they stand. It's not just a recount of issues brought forward by angry fans and dedicated gamers, it's an honest depiction of mistrust employed by shady business tactics by a once trustworthy branch of Take-Two Interactive.

NBA 2K14 Reviews Completely Skip Over Microtransaction Gouging

I had to read through many different reviews for different platforms of a single game: NBA 2k14. That's right, the golden sports goose from 2K Sports. So why did I have to read through so many reviews for such a highly lauded and highly praised game? Because “Microtransactiongate” has seeped into the new generation of home console gaming in the worst way imaginable.

WWE 2K14 DLC Details, Prices Announced

Today 2K confirmed that they're planning several post-launch DLC packs for WWE 2K14. These add-ons will introduce several new superstars and moves to the game.

WWE 2K14 Roster Announced For Wrestlemania Mode

As promised, 2K Games announced the full roster for WWE 2K14's story mode "30 Years of Wrestlemania" during a livestream event today. The "30 Years" mode allows players to take on the role of dozens of WWE superstars from throughout the wrestling organization's history.

WWE 2K14 Adds First Openly Gay Superstar Darren Young

WWE 2K14 publisher 2K Games today announced their support of Darren Young, who became the first openly gay wrestler in the WWE this week. 2K says that Young will be joining dozens of other current superstars and retired greats on 2K14's roster.

WWE 2K14 Gameplay Trailer Reveals Box Art

2K Games has released the first gameplay trailer for WWE 2K14, their first entry in the pro wrestling game series. In addition to showing off some footage from the game, it confirms that the Rock will be the cover athlete.

MLB 2K13 Perfect Game Challenge Has Gone Live

Now that the actual boys of summer have officially taken the field, it’s time for those couch commandos playing MLB 2K13 to step up their own game with official launch of the “Perfect Game Challenge,” a competition tasking gamers with pitching a perfect game of baseball in order to earn their share of a hefty money pool.

MLB 2K13 Released, Perfect Game Challenge Begins April 1st

2K Sports has released their baseball simulation MLB 2K13 to stores through the United States and Canada. The game's launch brings with it another Perfect Game Challenge with big cash prizes up for grabs.

Undertaker Extends His Wrestlemania Streak To Video Games

Wrestling and non-wrestling fans may have heard of The Undertaker, a near seven-foot tall pro-wrestling athlete that uses an undertaker gimmick to get over with the crowd. While the whole darkside element of the character is popular, it's only matched in popularity by Mark Calaway's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. Well, in case you didn't know, he also seems to have a streak going on in games.

WWE 14 Coming This Fall

2K Sports and WWE Inc. have agreed to a multi-year deal to produce WWE games, the two companies announced today. The first game created under this agreement, WWE 14, will be available this fall.

WWE Video Game Series Purchased By 2K Sports?

Yesterday THQ sold off many of its studios and games to other companies. There was no mention of what happened to their license to create WWE video games, though. Rumor has it that THQ has found an interested buyer: Take-Two Interactive, the parent of 2K Sports.

MLB 2K13 Names David Price As This Year's Cover Athlete

Major League Baseball 2K13 is set to hit store shelves on March 5 and, today, 2K Sports announced that Cy Young Award Winner and Tampa Bay Rays’ top pitcher David Price will be gracing the game’s cover for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 2K Sports recently got through all of the annual contractual jibba-jabba with the MLB recently and, according to VP of Marketing Jason Argent, are now ready to announce the release date.

NBA 2K13 Everywhere Detailed In Developer Diary

NBA 2K13 doesn't end when you turn off your console. 2K Sports has developed mobile and social apps that allow you to continue your experience on the go. A developer diary takes a look at the apps, collectively described as "NBA 2K13 Everywhere."

NBA 2K13 Screenshots Highlight Cover Athletes

NBA 2K13 has not one, not two, but three athletes appearing on its cover this year. 2K Sports has sent out screenshots showing each of these young gentlemen playing a bit of roundball.

Jay-Z Is NBA 2K13 Executive Producer

2K Sports, if you're not aware, is making a game called NBA 2K13 based on some obscure, multibillion dollar professional sports franchise. Afraid that the "NBA" is too obscure a brand to generate sales, 2K has enlisted rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z to serve as executive producer.

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