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Minecraft Xbox One And Xbox 360 Will Receive Halo 5 Characters This Week

4J Studios is celebrating Halo 5's upcoming launch with some new content for Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Both versions of the building game will receive Halo 5 DLC this week with new skins.

Minecraft PS3 And Vita Receive Horses Update, PS4 Patch Still In Testng

Minecraft players on Xbox 360 and Xbox One received the so-called "Horses Update" a week ago. Now it's PlayStation gamers' turn.

Minecraft Xbox One And Xbox 360 Get Horses Update

It's like the old saying goes: You can lead a horse to Minecraft, but you can't make it drink. Or something like that. The point is that Xbox versions of Minecraft now boast horses, so get ready to tame the blocky wild west, one creeper at a time.

Minecraft Finally Digs Into Vita Next Week

If there’s one thing that Minecraft has proven, it’s that people like building things. And destroying things. Now gamers will be able to both build and destroy things to their hearts content on the go, as Sony has finally announced a launch date for the PlayStation Vita version of the landmark indie game, and it’s coming up a lot more quickly than you might expect.

Minecraft PS4 And Xbox One Patch Revealed, Horse Update Coming Soon

4J Studios announced this week that they're about to release a major patch for the newly released PS4 and Xbox One versions of Minecraft. They also indicated that all console versions are going to be receiving a lot of content soon.

Minecraft Xbox One Edition Hitting Stores In November

Xbox One owners will soon have a new way to buy Minecraft. Microsoft announced today they're going to sell boxed copies of the game later this fall.

Minecraft Launches On Xbox One; Here's How To Transfer Worlds

Minecraft for the Xbox One has officially launched. The game is currently available right now for Microsoft's third-generation home console for $19.99. On the bright side, if you already own the game on the Xbox 360 you'll be able to get the game for only $4.99.

Minecraft PS4 Might Launch Today, Xbox One Edition Arriving Friday

The Xbox One version of Minecraft is just days away. The PS4 edition could be coming even soon.

Minecraft On Wii U Would Need Large Number Of Owners, Smooth Updates, Says Dev

Minecraft has basically released for every major platform except for Nintendo's platforms. A lot of gamers felt as if the game would be a perfect fit for the Wii U or even the 3DS, but the game has never appeared on either of Nintendo's current offerings. The reason? It may have something to do with the install base and the update process.

Minecraft Xbox One Is Complete

Minecraft's Xbox One release is almost at hand. Developer 4J Studios revealed on Friday that they sent the building game's port off to Microsoft for certification.

Minecraft PS4 Delayed

Minecraft's PS4 version has been hit by a last-minute delay. Developer 4J Studios revealed this week that the long-awaited port hit a snag in its certification process.

Minecraft PS4 Is Finished, Xbox One And Vita Versions Might Slip To September

4J Studios is putting the final touches on the Xbox One and PS Vita versions of Minecraft. The PS4 version's even further along. The studio revealed this week that they've sent it to Sony for certification.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Receives Guardians Of The Galaxy Skin Pack This Week

4J Studios will celebrate the theatrical debut of Guardians of the Galaxy with a special DLC Pack. The Guardians of the Galaxy Skin Pack is loaded with 24 different characters from the movie and comic book series.

Minecraft Xbox One Will Expand Your Xbox 360 Worlds

4J Studios has shed more light on the save transfer feature for Minecraft Xbox One. It seems the game will not only allow you to import Xbox 360 worlds but also grow them, too.

Minecraft Skin Pack 6 Released On Xbox 360

Minecraft players on Xbox 360 have a new DLC pack waiting for them on Xbox Live. Skin Pack 6 can be downloaded starting today for $1.99.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Skin Pack 6 Includes Dragon Age, Mirror's Edge Characters

Not all of the characters in Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition's Skin Pack 6 will be from Xbox exclusive franchises. 4J Studios revealed through new sets of screenshots that Mirror's Edge and Dragon Age will also be represented in the DLC.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Adding Killer Instinct Skins Soon

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is about to get another exclusive DLC pack. Today 4J Studios showed off the first screenshots from the add-on, which carries the unsexy name of "Skin Pack 6."

Minecraft Xbox 360 Halo DLC Screenshots Are A Trip Through History

A new batch of screenshots for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition's Halo Mash-Up Pack were released this weekend on Halo Waypoint. The images give us a look at several pre-made locations included in the DLC pack.

Minecraft PS4, Xbox One, Vita Coming In August With Discounts

Minecraft creators Mojang confirmed today that the PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita versions will be arriving in August. They also provided a few crucial details on each version, including discounts for previous owners of Minecraft.

Minecraft Title Update 16 Arrives On Xbox 360, PS3 Release Coming Soon

4J Studios has released Title Update 16, the latest patch for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. Patch 1.06, the equivalent patch for PS3, isn't far behind.

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