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South Park: The Fractured But Whole's DRM Has Already Been Cracked

Ubisoft's South Park: The Fractured But Whole is currently available for home consoles and PC. The game is the typical South Park adventure, filled with crude jokes and lewd content. Well, even though the game has only been out for a day, it has already been cracked.

Why One Game Studio Refuses To Use DRM

Flying Wild Hog has released Shadow Warrior 2 out into the wild on PC. The new game features players diving back into the role of Lo-Wang. Of course, with most PC games there is intrusive and disruptive DRM in place, but Flying Wild Hog explained why they refuse to use DRM.

Windows 10 Won't Run Games With These DRM Systems

Windows 10 is finally rolling out to customers all over the world, but gamers should be aware of an issue affecting a small number of titles. Specifically, games that utilize SafeDisc or Securom DRM probably won’t run.

Microsoft Finally Addresses Games For Windows Live Situation

I don't know if the response Microsoft is issuing regarding the Games For Windows Live shutdown rumors is comforting or scary, but there's a very vague PR response that the company issued in regards to “support” for Games For Windows Live.

PS4 DRM Video Is Trying To Go Viral

The 57 second video is the result of what could be the precursor for World War III. The console wars have officially hit DEFCON 1, as fanboys the world around have come forward to participate.

Xbox One Disc-Based DRM Issues Are Due To Suspended Play, Says Xbox Support

We've been chronicling a series of DRM issues happening with the Xbox One post-release. The system has already undergone quite a bit of criticism for its original policies, and even after the reversals the system still seems to hinge on some sort of DRM mechanism that Microsoft hasn't fully explained... until now.

Fallout 3 GFWL DRM Removed

Just as a preamble: I haven't installed Fallout 3 to check this for myself, but the data shows that this has happened and there are first-hand reports indicating that yes, Bethesda has updated Fallout 3 and they have removed the Games For Windows Live DRM check-in.

Marvel Games Are Being Removed From Steam, PSN, Xbox Live

It seems like there have been a lot of stories recently working against the concept of that “all-digital future” some companies have been touting. The most recent issue cropped up following the Deadpool game completely disappearing from digital store fronts like a kid flicking a booger from their nose.

Microsoft Addresses FGC's Xbox One DRM Concerns

Microsoft has issued an official response regarding the actual incident involving Killer Instinct and the DRM scenario. We've had multiple organizers within the FGC scene come forward to attest that they've had problems with the DRM check for the Xbox One when trying to run Killer Instinct and Microsoft wants them to know that they're listening.

Microsoft: There Is No 24-Hour DRM Check-In For The Xbox One

New information has surfaced following on the heels of the somewhat inflammatory news regarding a DRM check-in that occurred during a live-stream of a Killer Instinct tournament at the Queens college in New York. What's the new info? Microsoft gives their take... sort of.

Xbox One's 24 Hour Check-In DRM Returns During Killer Instinct Tournament

Out of the blue moon one of the most surprising things happened: the Xbox One did a 180 on its 180 and started acting like its original self. By that, I mean that the console – during a live tournament that was being broadcast on Twitch – decided to stop during the middle of the game and ensure that those using the console were the proper owners of the content.

Witcher 3 Dev: DRM Is To Cover Publisher's Ass, Whole Industry Knows It Doesn't Work

Oh finally, someone willing to speak truth about that deformed, ugly looking elephant in the room everyone walks in, stares at and asks why the heck it's always looming over them like Michael Jackson at a Boyscout campfire. CD Projekt RED's CEO Marcin Iwinski has come forward to drop a much-needed truth bomb on the whole ugly business of DRM.

PS4 Doesn't Block Used Games, Game Rentals

A new last minute reputation management troll-rumor has surfaced online in an attempt to curb Sony's momentum leading up to their big launch later this week. What is the troll-rumor? Well, it's reiterating old material from the old Xbox One DRM mission days when Microsoft was sending rep managers door-to-door to sell rights-rape to you in the form of an “All Digital Future”. Sony's worldwide studios boss has come forward to clear up the rumor.

Microsoft Had A Year To Talk About Xbox One's DRM, So Why Didn't They?

Those “cool features” that caused such a ruckus earlier this year after the Xbox One was originally announced back on May 21st... remember those? Well, in the same way that gamers haven't forgotten about them (even though the media mostly has) Microsoft hasn't forgotten about them either.

Steam's Offline Mode Was Designed To Be Indefinite, Says Valve

So you know how there was this big thing over the Xbox One and it's original DRM policies, and how everyone supporting the system said that it wasn't that bad and that the policies were just like Steam, but better? And you know how everyone pointed to Steam's offline mode requiring a periodic check-in as being the same as the Xbox One's 24-hour check-in? Yeah well, they were wrong.

Witcher 3 Will Be DRM-Free

CD Projekt RED's CEO sent out some rather uplifting news for PC gamers the world around: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be DRM-free in all its incarnations, whether it be digital or boxed. Just to be absolutely certain about this news, there was an open letter let loose to the community to certify that CD Projekt is serious about being community-friendly.

Giveaway: Lilly Looking Through [Closed]

Do you like games? Obviously, or else you wouldn't be wasting your time on this page. Do you like adventure titles? Perhaps, maybe that's why you're checking out this article for the point-and-click adventure game from Geeta Games called Lilly Looking Through. You like DRM-free gaming? Well, PC gamers wouldn't pirate games if they didn't like DRM-free games. Do you want a DRM-free copy of Lilly Looking Through? I think the answer to that is obvious.

A List Of Games Switching From GFWL To Steamworks

The PC Gaming wiki page has been updated regarding third-party DRM and titles currently using Games For Windows Live and titles that are planning on switching off of the service when it eventually shuts down next year on July 1st.

10,000 Gamers Beg Microsoft To Bring Back Xbox One's DRM

After the initial petition to bring back the Xbox One's DRM went viral with anger and disgust, certain members of certain communities caught wind of the movement and decided to move in like vultures on a carcass or memes on a circlejerk thread on Reddit.

Darkspore Removed From Steam; DRM Errors Prevent People From Playing

You know how a while ago warnings were issued about always-on DRM games? Games like Diablo III, SimCity and for a short while Miner Wars, fall into the category of games that will cease to exist once the master servers shutdown for good. You get an example of how this will work with Darkspore, which is no longer receiving support, and no longer available for digital purchase from Steam.

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