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Thanks To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, The Voice Of Mario Just Hit A Huge Milestone
Mario Creator Wants Industry To Focus On Titles With Fixed Prices, Not In-Game Transactions
Good News, Mario Is A Plumber Again
The Internet Is Losing It Over Mario's Nipples
Wait, Mario Isn't A Plumber Anymore?
Monopoly Gamer Adds Mario To The Classic Board Game, Might Actually Make Monopoly Fun Again
Someone Modded Mario's New Hat Abilities Into Super Mario 64, And It's Awesome
Nintendo Felt The Need To Clarify How Mario Controls Things In Super Mario Odyssey
More Details Are Coming Out About That Bizarre Switch Crossover Title
Nintendo Rides Will Be Coming To More Universal Theme Parks Than We Thought
Are Nintendo And Ubisoft Developing A Crossover Title For The Switch? Here's What We Know
There's A Mario Cafe Out There, And It's Awesome
The Nintendo NX Could Have One Thing Previous Consoles Have Been Missing
New Video Shows What Happens When Yoshi And Mario Switch Places
Super Mario Bros. Stop-Motion Video Looks Good Enough To Eat
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