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Cat-Based RPG The Good Life Is Taking Another Shot At Crowdfunding

One of the games that really caught gamers by surprise was Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro's The Good Life, which is a game themed around living life as a cat in an open-world sandbox.

Dragon Ball Fusions Just Got A New Trailer, Watch It Now

During this year's Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California a number of new games, release dates and content for said games have been unveiled. One of those games is Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball Fusions. They released a new trailer for the turn-based RPG showcasing the gameplay and content.

Final Fantasy Is Entering The Board Game Universe, Get The Details

The world of Final Fantasy is finally being translated into a board game, one that captures the mechanics and scope of the popular RPG series and translates it seamlessly to your table top. Just kidding, it's Monopoly!

The Dark Souls Board Game Is Totally Killing It On Kickstarter

Steamforged Games is crowd-sourcing funds to make a board game based on From Software's uber-popular action-RPG, Dark Souls. Within the span of just three minutes they managed to get funded. Even more than that, within the span of just 24 hours they managed to accrue $1 million in funding.

Bastion Developer Has A New Game Coming, Here's What We Know

A new action-RPG for the PlayStation 4 and PC called Pyre is set for release in 2017 from Supergiant Games, the makers of Bastion and Transistor. The new title will be a party-based RPG where players will venture through a mystical purgatory on a journey to absolve themselves of being exiles.

Stories: The Path Of Destinies Review: Storytelling At Its Finest

Stories: The Path Of Destinies combines the combat system of a beloved dungeon crawler with the storytelling of an RPG and creates this wholly satisfying experience complete with beautiful environments.

Dark Souls III's Brutal Launch Trailer Shows Off Environments And Enemies

Dark Souls III is currently available right now for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Bandai Namco celebrated the launch of the game with a trailer that unquestionably captures the somber and dire atmosphere of the hack-and-slash RPG.

Tales Of Link Mobile Game From Bandai Namco Releases In The US

Bandai Namco's Tales of Link has finally made the leap from Japan to America. The company recently released the mobile RPG onto the Google Play store after it originally appeared on Japanese mobile devices years before.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Plot Details Leaked, Here's What We Know

If you were hoping Mass Effect: Andromeda was closer to the RPG-style mechanics of Mass Effect 1, you may be disappointed to find that the game will be closer to a shooter like Mass Effect 3. Some new plot and gameplay details spilled out and they're quite interesting.

New Dark Souls III Gameplay Footage Shows Off A Brutal Boss Fight

A new video was cut from a Ustream that From Software held for Dark Souls III, the upcoming hack-and-slash, action-RPG for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The video features some of the new combat mechanics and boss battles that players will encounter throughout their adventures.

Stories: The Path Of Destinies Release Date Announced

Stories: The Path Of Destinies is an obviously beautiful game with a lot of potential, and now Spearhead Games has finally announced a release date for the action-RPG. Stories: The Path Of Destinies will be releasing on April 12.

Fire Emblem Fates Is Breaking Sales Records

In case you were worried about whether or not Fire Emblem Fates was selling well in the United States, you can rest easy tonight knowing that the game is already breaking sales records for the SRPG series.

Bethesda Might Be Remaking Fallout 3 For PS4 And Xbox One

Have you already grown weary of exploring the wastelands of Boston in Fallout 4? Long for the days when you were exploring the wastelands of D.C. in Fallout 3? Well, it looks like that might become an option on modern consoles as rumors point to Bethesda working on an HD remake for the popular RPG.

Knack 2 May Have Just Been Leaked

Way back when the PlayStation 4 first launched, one of the unexpected launch titles was a little platformer called Knack. Unfortunately, Knack didn’t do so well when it was released, but recent information shows that Knack creators may be willing to give it another shot with a sequel.

3 Reasons Why Narrative-Driven Games Are The New Norm

Today in video games, there’s a new trend taking over gameplay, if you haven’t already noticed. Yes, Halo and Battlefield are still popular, but they don’t seem to be nearly as popular right now as games that are totally driven by how strong the narrative is. And with that style of gameplay, there are a few reasons why this trend has suddenly kicked in to high gear.

Five Nights At Freddy's World Is Back And There Have Been Some Very Important Changes

Scott Cawthon made waves with the original Five Nights at Freddy's games. However Cawthon kind of messed up with the Five Nights at Freddy's RPG he recently released, but he went back to the drawing board and decided to make some very important changes.

Why Watch The Super Bowl When You Could Watch The Video Game-Themed Square Bowl?

Put together for a 48-hour streaming charity event in connection with Able Gamers, developers from various indie games will be live-streaming a complete play-through of the 1999 RPG, Final Fantasy VIII during the Super Bowl weekend.

Five Nights At Freddy's World Creator Removes Game From Steam

When Five Nights At Freddy’s World released early last week, fans were let down. The community responded in a negatively exclaiming that the game had way too many faults due to its rushed release. So in response to the backlash, creator Scott Cawthon apologized, removed it from the Steam store and promised things would be better in the future.

A New RPG Has Players Saving The World By Singing

Indie developer Greg Lobanov has taken to Kickstarter to finish funding for his project called Wandersong. It's a delightfully cheery adventure game made in a similar vein to the Legend of Zelda titles, but instead of saving the world with sword and shield, you'll do so with song and lyric.

Fight To Survive The Black Plague In New Medieval RPG

If you’ve ever sat and wondered what it was like to live and survive during the black plague, well a new dark multiplayer RPG from Syrin Studios is about to give you that opportunity. In the upcoming survival game, The Black Death, you can choose from over 10 different classes to wander the world, fighting for survival during the sweep of the black plague.

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