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Overwatch Was Just Used In A Political Ad

Apparently using video games as political propaganda is now a real thing. In fact, it's actually being used in a recent political ad by a politician currently running for office, who decided that the best way to get the point across was to latch onto the popularity of Blizzard's Overwatch.

Watch Conan O'Brien Visit A Korean Gaming Cafe

Conan O'Brien, the late night talk show host, recently traveled to South Korea for a variety of segments that aired during the show. One of the segments included Conan visiting a PC bang, better known as cyber-cafes here in America, where he got to test out some of the sweet life of South Korean gaming.

League Of Legends Trolls Are Blackmailing Other Players

It looks like quite a few gamers in South Korea have figured out a way to turn trolling into a money-making scheme, using games like League of Legends and some pretty strict laws to blackmail other players.

South Korea's Shutdown Curfew For Minors Challenged In Court

The South Korean curfew for gamers under 16 has now been challenged in court due to a number of companies, parents and kids not liking the new ban on the amount of hours minors are allowed to play online games.

Blizzard Forced To Give Koreans Refunds Of Diablo 3

The Korean Fair Trade Commission has cracked down on Blizzard in South Korea due to consumer complaints involving refunds of Diablo III. Blizzard has finally acknowledged said crack-down and is now issuing players refunds with very specific stipulations.

Diablo 3 User Contract Potentially Anti-Consumer Says Korean FTC

An updated story on the South Korean Fair Trade Commission's investigation into Blizzard regarding Diablo III has turned up an interesting tidbit of information. Apparently after raiding Blizzard's Seoul offices, the FTC is looking over consumer contract documents which they deem could be unfair to consumers.

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