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Watch Detroit: Become Human’s Creator David Cage Talk About The Game’s Story

At E3 this year, Beyond: Two Souls' developer Quantic Dream and creator of the upcoming Detroit: Become Human, debuted a new clip from the game. The clip gave us more insight into the gameplay mechanics and the emotional toil of the narrative. And in an interview with David Cage, PlayStation was able to find out more information on the narrative behind Detroit: Become Human.

4 Video Game Characters Who Are Sexy In The Most Unusual Way

But just recently when I was playing Uncharted 4 and watching Nathan Drake and his wife Elena tickle each other on the couch of their lovely suburban home, I got to thinking what defines a sexy video game character? I didn’t think of their appearance, but instead I thought about how they carry themselves.

Why More Hollywood Actors Need To Star In Video Games

The very first actors I saw in a video game were Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls. I was taken aback by the likeness to the actors in real-life. As if video games weren’t entertaining enough already, now it was blurring the line of entertainment between video game and film. But that’s exactly why the gaming industry needs more of this.

Heavy Rain Will Be Coming To PS4 Next Month

Heavy Rain was one of the first of the narrative, player choice video games to come to PlayStation in early 2010, and though it wasn’t as engaging as Beyond: Two Souls, it stood out from other games. And now, Sony is finally bringing Heavy Rain to the PS4 next month—but only in its digital form.

3 Reasons Why Narrative-Driven Games Are The New Norm

Today in video games, there’s a new trend taking over gameplay, if you haven’t already noticed. Yes, Halo and Battlefield are still popular, but they don’t seem to be nearly as popular right now as games that are totally driven by how strong the narrative is. And with that style of gameplay, there are a few reasons why this trend has suddenly kicked in to high gear.

4 Of The Most Romantic Moments In Video Games

When it comes to romance in video games, for me, it has to strike a nerve. Sometimes, I’ll admit, my gameplay is driven by trying to keep two lovers together. Matter of fact, I chose the romantic ending in Beyond: Two Souls so that Jodie and Ryan would end up together. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I felt it was appropriate to rank some of my favorite top romantic moments in video games.

5 Of The Most Emotional Video Game Moments

Regardless of what anyone else has said, video games are an art form. And sometimes when an art form is powerful enough, it can move us in ways we never thought we could be moved. WARNING: SPOILERS.

Beyond: Two Souls Began A New Era In Video Game Storytelling

Beyond: Two Souls came into an era of gaming that was obsessed with first-person shooters like Halo and Call Of Duty and completely changed how we view and interact with stories in a game. And since Beyond’s release, a new trend in video game storytelling has taken hold and rippled into games of today.

20 PlayStation 4 Exclusives Announced, Get The List

PlayStation has been known for its action-packed, narrative-driven RPG exclusives like The Last of Us, the Uncharted series and Beyond: Two Souls. For 2016, PlayStation 4 exclusives will continue to live up to that notion, but with so much more to add. For this year, major releases like No Man’s Sky, The Last Guardian and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End take the spotlight.

Beyond: Two Souls Will Begin Haunting PlayStation 4 Next Week

If you missed out on Quantic Dreams’ last-gen cinematic gaming experiences and have moved on to the PlayStation 4 already, you’re in luck. It looks like Beyond: Two Souls is set to arrive in the very near future (as in next Tuesday, Nov. 24), with Heavy Rain gunning for a 2016 launch.

Quantic Dream Announces PS4 Exclusive Detroit

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream revealed their first PS4 game at Paris Game Week today. The game is called Detroit: Become Human and might look very familiar to you.

Trials Fusion, Beyond Two Souls Hit PSN This Week

This week's latest offerings on the PlayStation Network are a big, eclectic mix as gamers are invited to go on an epic adventure with friends, perform insane stunts on a motorcycle, test their knowledge in all realms of trivia and, perhaps the most epic of all of these options, play backgammon.

Ellen Page Isn't Suing Over Beyond: Two Souls Nudity

Crisis averted, folks. Crisis averted. Ellen Page is not so pissed off about the nudity in Beyond: Two Souls that she would try to sue people over it after Sony failed miserably at censoring and keeping images, videos and articles off the internet gaming communities that proudly boasted such material.

Weekly Recap Oct 26th: Sims 4 Delayed, Beyond Two Souls Nudity, DayZ Early Access

Sony attempts to stop the spread of nude photos from Beyond: Two Souls, while Warner Bros holds back reviews of Batman: Arkham Origins and Wild Games Studios gets in a copyright pickle.

Sony Tries To Stop Nude Images From Beyond: Two Souls From Spreading Online

This story probably would have stayed in the cupboard had it been an isolated incident, but it looks like it wasn't isolated. When we originally ran the story about a debug PS3 unit being used to access additional camera angles in Beyond: Two Souls to see Ellen Page's 3D alter ego naked during a shower scene, Sony wasn't pleased with the story at all and we weren't the only ones they weren't pleased with.

Beyond: Two Souls Leak Features Ellen Page's Character Nude [NSFW]

It was bound to happen sooner rather than... well, it's not really later, but it was bound to happen once Beyond: Two Souls launched and anyone with a debug unit had time and effort on their hands to do the thinkable: look for a nude Ellen Page in the game.

Beyond: Two Souls Launch Trailer Features Music By Hans Zimmer

Lorne Balfe and Hans Zimmer worked together on the soundtrack to the new game, written and directed by David Cage, Beyond: Two Souls. The game is about as close to an interactive movie as you can get without having to pay $18 to sit in a theater and listen to a fat guy burp his way through the film while smacking on Snickers and slurping down a coke the way gaming journalists munch on Doritos and gulp down Mountain Dew.

Beyond: Two Souls Leads The Charge In Weekly PlayStation Releases

Is Jodie telekinetic, the result of some alien/government experiment, or simply the focus point of some sort of bizarre haunting. We'll all finally find out the answer this week as Quantic Dream's latest cinematic gaming experience, Beyond: Two Souls, finally arrives on the PlayStation 3. And just in case you've got a lot of free time on your hands this week, Beyond is bringing a lot of friends along for the ride in this week's batch of new releases.

Beyond: Two Souls Has Leaked To Torrents For PS3

A week before launch and Quantic Dream's new supernatural adventure thriller, Beyond: Two Souls, starring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe has been leaked to torrents... all 25 gigabytes of it.

Beyond: Two Souls Cost $27 Million To Develop

Oftentimes it's stated that the average AAA game middles out to around $25 million when it comes to development costs. The lower end of the AAA development costs start at $10 million and the ceiling, so far, has been set by Rockstar at $265 million for Grand Theft Auto V. Well, for one of the movie-oriented AAA titles due out this fall, Beyond: Two Souls, the development costs were quite moderate, making out at the $27 million mark.

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