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Cliff Bleszinski Shared Some Awesome Game Ideas We'll Probably Never See

While the closure of Boss Key Productions means that the days are numbered for their two existing games, it also means whatever the team was kicking around in conceptual form will likely never see the light of day. Studio head Cliff Bleszinski has even shared a few of those concepts through social media.

Cliff Bleszinski Shuts Down Boss Key Productions

Following the premature death of his studio's first major game and a follow-up that was failing to make a big splash, Cliff Bleszinski has announced the closure of Boss Key Productions and his decision to step away from the industry, at least for the time being.

Cliff Bleszinski Accuses Epic Games Of Hiring Away Boss Key Staff

Cliff Bleszinski took to twitter this week accusing his former employer, Epic Games, of trying to hire away members of his development team. We've got our fingers crossed that a rap battle will soon help squash the beef.

LawBreakers Will No Longer Be Updated

It's a sad day for fans of LawBreakers, no matter how small that particular group might be.

Everything New Coming To LawBreakers This Year

Boss Key Productions has a new roadmap planned to go live soon enough detailing the entire outline of new content planned to arrive in LawBreakers for the rest of the year. In the interim, there's also a general infographic that contains everything we know so far that's coming for the year in the new sci-fi first-person, multiplayer shooter.

Lawbreakers Physical Discs Are Almost Gone

Boss Key Productions wanted to get gamers interested and motivated in its upcoming first-person, PvP shooter that's being published by Nexon. One way to help entice gamers is promising a physical collector's edition for Lawbreakers, a strategy that appears to have worked.

LawBreakers Review: Teaching An Old Genre Some New Tricks

Arena shooters are a dime a dozen these days, so you wouldn't be faulted for taking a glance at LawBreakers and assuming it's yet another cookie-cutter addition to an increasingly crowded scene. Take it for a spin, though, and you might be surprised by the number of ways it sets itself apart from the pack.

LawBreakers Is Having Launch Problems On PS4

Every new multiplayer game usually goes through launch woes, and even for game industry veteran Cliffy B., and his Boss Key Productions studio, there are still problems to fix when it comes to dealing with launching a multiplayer only game like Lawbreakers, even on a home console like the PS4.

The Unexpected Game Genre That Inspired LawBreakers

LawBreakers clearly draws inspiration from the legions of arena shooters that came before it, all while throwing a whole bunch of new ingredients into the mix. But while many of its influences are worn proudly on its sleeve, some might not be quite as obvious.

Cliffy B's Blue Streak Will Be Free-To-Play, Published By Nexon

Boss Key Productions is the name of the new studio founded by Cliff Bleszinski, the former lead designer for Epic Games' Gears of War. Cliffy B has joined forces with renown free-to-play publisher, Nexon, for his upcoming game codenamed Blue Streak.

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