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Civilization V Patch Detailed

Firaxis Games is currently preparing the first major patch for Civilization V. They released a list of planned changes today.

Civilization V Demo Pushed Back To Launch Day

2K Games will not be releasing a Civilization V demo prior to the game's release. Today they've retracted that promise.

Civilization V System Requirements Announced

The secret to building a civilization that endures throughout the millenia is a Dual Core processor. 2K Games announced the minimum and recommended system requirements for Civilization V today.

Civilization V Demo Coming In September

Firaxis Games is going to give you a chance to practice your empire-building skills before Civilization V's release. They're preparing a demo for public release.

Civilization V Special Edition Announced

Sure, games are nice, but what we really crave are games that come with large boxes of tangential swag. Firaxis will indulge us by offering a Special Edition of Civilization V.

Civilization V Release Date Announced

Civilization V is one of the many titles 2K will be showing off at this year's E3. They've decided to get the release date announcement out of the way before the convention starts, though.

Civilization V Digital Deluxe Edition, Steam Pre-Order Bonus Detailed

Sid Meier's Civilization V will have Steamworks support for auto-updating, Steam Achievements, match-making, and other features. That's just one piece of the partnership between 2K and Valve on the upcoming empire building game.

Civilization V Announced, First Screenshots Released

Sid Meier's empire-building strategy series is getting another sequel. Today Firaxis Games announced Civilization V for a Fall 2010 release.

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