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My Nintendo Is The New Club Nintendo

Nintendo isn't letting the Club Nintendo concept completely die. The company is reviving the rewards program in the form of the new My Nintendo service, which will kick off with a number of other features from the Big 'N' in March of 2016, including their new Miitomo for mobile devices and the Nintendo Account service.

Club Nintendo Shuts Down

Well July is finally here and, as foretold in the press releases of old, Club Nintendo has finally closed its virtual doors. Don’t fret, however, as the Big N promises a new rewards program is on the way.

Club Nintendo Announces Final Gold And Platinum Yearly Rewards

Nintendo of America has announced the final Club Nintendo Gold and Platinum yearly rewards and, much like the last batch of offerings for the regular monthly rewards, the Big N has pulled out all the stops. Get ready for a list of nearly 30 games to pick from.

Club Nintendo Rewards Program Finale Offers Over 100 Games

With Club Nintendo shutting down in the coming months, the Big N has decided to go all out with its final crop of Rewards offerings, boasting more than a dozen physical goodies and over 100 games for diehard fans to spend their virtual Coins on.

Club Nintendo Shutting Down, New Loyalty Program Inbound

It’s a bitter-sweet day for Club Nintendo members, as the Big N announces the closure of the rewards service that’s been running for the past six years. Chin up, though, because a new rewards program is apparently just over the horizon.

Club Nintendo November Rewards Include Classic Metroid, Smash Bros. Posters

Club Nintendo is offering up some new goodies for all of you Coin collectors out there, including a pair of new Wii U games, two more Wii games and four 3DS titles in exchange for your continued loyalty to the great and powerful N. There's also a pretty rad Smash Bros poster set, for those of you who prefer physical goodies.

Nintendo Rewards For September Include Classic Characters

The monthly Club Nintendo rewards program has refreshed its crop of digital goodies for the month of September, offering up eight new games for loyal customers to grab in exchange for their Coins. Look for some Nintendo staples in this month’s games, including Mario, Link and the pink ball of suction, Kirby.

Club Nintendo's August Rewards Include Eight Games

Gather round, children, and hear my tale of a bountiful Club Nintendo harvest, featuring eight grand titles from generations past and present, all ready to be played on your Wii, Wii U or 3DS console.

July Club Nintendo Rewards Include Kid Icarus And Paper Mario

A new month means it’s time to once again rake in a fresh batch of Club Nintendo rewards, where loyal customers of The Big N can redeem imaginary Coins for virtual games that, this month, feature a mustachioed plumber, the son of a legendary gorilla and an angel with wicked bow skills.

Club Nintendo Rewards For April Include Super Mario World, Art Academy

The time has come for yet another monthly refresh on the Club Nintendo Rewards, bringing four new games to the rotating lineup of games available for Coin exchange, including a fresh pair of Wii U Virtual Console games and another couple of downloadable 3DS games for players to enjoy.

Club Nintendo Gets Kid Icarus, Yoshi, Some Physical Goodies

From adorable cloth baskets featuring Mario baddies to games featuring bow-and-arrow-wielding angels, get ready for four new games and two new bits of swag in exchange for your beloved Coins.

And Now The Teacher Becomes The Challenger In New Punch-Out!! Download

Are you a platinum member of Club Nintendo? Really? Well, if you are, then you can kick the crap out of Little Mac's coach in the new Punch-Out!! called Doc Louis’s Punch-Out!!.

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