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Company of Heroes 2 Case Blue DLC Hits Steam

Today the World War 2 strategy game Company of Heroes 2 received the first DLC for its Theater of War mode. Players will be able to relive Case Blue, a German offensive against the Soviet Union, through a new set of missions.

Company Of Heroes 2 Interview: Cris Velasco On Sega, THQ, Soundtrack Release

We're back for round two with the mind behind many of the most respected soundtracks to come out of this generation of gaming. Yes, part of the composing team behind Mass Effect, the composer from ZombiU, Borderlands 2 and Company of Heroes has more to share about his experience in the gaming industry and crafting instrumental sounds for the games you've grown to admire and love.

Company Of Heroes 2 Trailer: Play This Game Instead Of A Shooter

Relic Entertainment has released an interesting new trailer for Company of Heroes 2. Instead of appealing to real-time strategy fans, it seems targeted toward gamers who are less familiar with the genre.

Company Of Heroes 2 Campaign Trailer Joins The Red Army

Relic Entertainment has released a cinematic trailer for real-time strategy Company of Heroes 2. The trailer confirms my suspicions that serving in the Russian Army in World War 2 must have sucked.

Company Of Heroes 2 Closed Beta Starting Next Week

Sega announced that the closed beta for World War 2 real-time strategy Company of Heroes 2 will start next week on Steam. The beta will begin with an early access period for pre-order customers.

Company Of Heroes 2 Hits The Battlefield In June

While many strategy game enthusiasts expected to be playing Company of Heroes 2 by now, developer Relic Entertainment has decided to take a little extra time to add some fine-tuning to the game before offering it to the masses. But don’t worry; your wait is nearly over. Sega and Relic announced today that Company of Heroes 2 will be heading to Mac and PC on June 25 for both North America and Europe.

Company Of Heroes 2  DirectX 11 Screenshots Released

A new set of screenshots have been released for THQ and Relic Entertainment's upcoming Company of Heroes 2, the high-end RTS that will push the visual boundaries and capabilities of your rig to extreme new heights. The screenshots look phenomenal as some classic and not-so-classic weapons and artillery are put on display.

THQ Finally Files For Bankruptcy, Gets A New Owner

THQ has filed for a chapter 11 bankruptcy. The struggling company has finally exhausted their capital and have sought new ownership in order to continue to run business as usual. That's right, despite filing for bankruptcy and giving asset control over to a capital investment firm, THQ will continue to operate as usual and operations will not be interrupted.

Company Of Heroes 2 Multiplayer Trailer Announces Beta Sign-Ups

The newest gameplay trailer for Company of Heroes 2 showcases the online multiplayer for the World War 2 RTS game. Players will be able to re-enact Eastern Front battles with several friends.

Company Of Heroes 2 Developer Diary Prepares For War

Relic Entertainment has released a developer diary for their upcoming RTS Company of Heroes 2. In the video, the development team talks about some of the technical improvements that this game will introduce.

Company Of Heroes 2 Beta Starting In Early 2013, Command Pass Announced

Relic Entertainment announced beta details for their real-time strategy Company of Heroes 2. Select players will be able to try out the World War 2 game in a matter of weeks.

Company Of Heroes 2 Gameplay Trailer Depicts History's Most Brutal Conflict

Relic Entertainment has released the very first gameplay trailer for Company of Heroes 2. It provides a healthy dose of battle footage from the World War 2 real-time strategy game.

Company Of Heroes 2 Gameplay Teaser Released, Full Trailer Coming Wednesday

Soon Relic Entertainment will release the first full gameplay trailer from their strategy game Company of Heroes 2. Today they sent out a twenty-second teaser to give us a brief taste of the reveal video.

THQ Delays Company Of Heroes 2, South Park, Metro: Last Light

In THQ's second quarter earnings report, the company laid out some not-too-unexpected news regarding their 2013 slate, announcing that key titles in their line-up such as Company of Heroes 2, South Park: The Stick of Truth and Metro: Last Light have all been hit with delays.

Company Of Heroes 2 Screenshots Conquer A Town

With the summer drawing to a close, winter is the last thing anyone wants to be reminded of. However, Relic Entertainment has released a set of screenshots from Company of Heroes 2 that you'll feel compelled to peruse anyway.

Company of Heroes 2 Screenshots Battle The Elements

Company of Heroes 2 takes the real-time strategy series to the Eastern Front of World War 2. As the latest batch of screenshots show, the weather during this conflict suuuucked.

Company Of Heroes 2 Confirmed With First Screenshot

Today THQ formally announced Company of Heroes 2 for an early 2013 release on the PC. They've also provided some additional details on the real-time strategy game, which was outed last week by a PC gaming mag.

Company Of Heroes 2 Coming In 2013

Relic Entertainment is creating a sequel to their World War 2 strategy game Company of Heroes. Company of Heroes 2 is said to put players in the shoes of the Soviet army as they push back the Nazi invasion.

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