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New Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Trailer Reveals More About The Game's Protagonist

A new developer diary was released for Star Wars: Battlefront 2, the upcoming release from DICE and Electronic Arts, which also has plenty of help from LucasFilms, Motive, and Criterion Games. The diary delves into how all of the studios came together to work on the story mode starring the new protagonist, Iden Versio.

The Creators Of Burnout Are Making A Spiritual Sequel

If you were a fan of Criterion Games back when they were one of the premier development studios working on the Burnout series during the sixth generation of gaming, then you'll be pleased to know that the original creators of Burnout are working on a spiritual successor to the game.

Burnout Paradise May Come To Xbox One

There aren’t a heck of a lot of driving games available for the new generation of consoles but, with a little luck, it looks like a fan favorite from the 360-era might be making its way to the Xbox One through backwards compatibility. Rev those engines for Burnout Paradise.

Burnout Developers Almost Made A New F-Zero Game

Nintendo has mentioned before that they had no plans to revive F-Zero for the Wii U because they couldn't think of anything to do with it. Well, even though the Big 'N' may not have had any ideas for the game, apparently Burnout developers Criterion Games did.

Need For Speed Rivals Hitting Xbox One And PS4 This Year

When the Xbox One and PS4 arrive this fall, they'll be accompanied by a new Need for Speed. Need for Speed Rivals is in development for both next-gen consoles, in addition to the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Need For Speed: Next Game Teased By EA

EA seems to be on the verge of announcing the next Need for Speed. They've released an image suggesting that it will be a new entry in the Hot Pursuit sub-series.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted U Now Available For Wii U

The latest title in the long line of Need for Speed games has finally launched for Nintendo's Wii U. Need for Speed: Most Wanted U hasn't received a whole lot of press but it brings a couple of innovative features to the table along with high-end visual effects and graphics to the home console arena.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Ultimate Speed Pack Adds Five New Cars

Criterion Games and EA announced the very first downloadable content for Need For Speed: Most Wanted today. The Ultimate Speed Pack centers around five of the fastest cars in the world.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Launch Trailer Touts Critical Praise

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is mere days from release so EA has decided it's launch trailer time. The last preview video for the racing game shows a high-speed street race interspersed with press quotes.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Live-Action Trailer Hosts A Street Race

EA has released a new trailer for Need For Speed: Most Wanted. This time around, they decided to go live-action to promote the open-world racing game.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Trailer Reveals Fairhaven's Most Dangerous Drivers

Need for Speed Most Wanted's setting of Fairhaven City is home to 10 elite street racers. Throughout the game, you'll have to beat each of these most wanted drivers in one-on-one competition.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted  Will Get Special DX11 Treatment On PC

In a recent interview a producer at Criterion was talking up all the highlights of the PC version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted and how PC gamers will get special DX11 features and a 300% performance boost over previous DX9 functionality.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Trailer Keeps The Cops Guessing

As the title suggests, Need For Speed Most Wanted focuses on high-speed police chases. A new trailer shows off one particularly exciting chase that reveals a new feature in the game.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Trailer Gives You All The Cars You Want

A new single-player trailer was released for Need for Speed: Most Wanted, featuring a look at some of the sports cars, supercars and super-sports cars available in the game. The trailer doesn't waste a lot of time and focuses on how players will have access to all of the cars right from the start of the game, all that's required is to drive up and hop inside.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Screenshots Race Through Fairhaven City

This weekend Criterion Games offered players another look at their Need for Speed: Most Wanted reboot. Four screenshots show thrill-seeking drivers battling for position in street races.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Gameplay Trailer Features Grand Theft Auto

The remake of the recent NFS racing title sees Criterion Games taking over the development helm and implementing a lot of their own style and panache into the racing and gameplay mechanics. The latest trailer showcases some new features and there's also a brief look at how to steal cars in the game.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Multiplayer Teaser Trailer Announces Full Trailer

EA sent out word to announce a teaser trailer for the full multiplayer trailer for Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Yeah, this exciting announcement teaser will get you amped up for the full trailer, which will further get you amped up for the actual release of Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The teaser trailer set a release date for the full trailer, which will go live on August 14th, next Tuesday.

E3 2012: Need For Speed Most Wanted First Gameplay Trailers

The very first gameplay footage of the upcoming Need for Speed: Most Wanted game from Electronic Arts and Criterion Games has surfaced. The two trailers first give you an idea of what to expect from the grand scheme of the game and then the second trailer tosses gamers head deep into thrill of being chased by cops in an open-world city...yep, an open-world city.

Burnout Paradise Developer Hiring For Arcade Racer

Criterion Games, the studio responsible for the critically acclaimed Burnout Paradise, is recruiting for its next project; a new arcade racer. The developer listed two positions, one of which will help with dynamic, over-the-top car chase sequences,

The Hasselhoff Lays An Egg In Burnout: Crash Trailer

This trailer has the potential to go viral with its insanity, craziness and creepiness all fused together. David Hasselhoff promotes Burnout: Crash for the Xbox 360 Kinect by basically blowing up an ice-cream truck with an explosive chicken egg.

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