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Crusader Kings 2: Sons Of Abraham Brings Back That Old-Time Religion Today

Paradox Interactive has released Crusader Kings 2: Sons of Abraham today. Abraham, the fifth expansion for the PC grand strategy game, introduces hundreds of new religious events.

Paradox Interactive's New Games Will Run Natively On SteamOS

The nascence of the SteamOS brings with it good tidings and cheer for all... well, mostly good tidings and cheer for PC gamers. The SteamOS is an open-source platform designed to force Linux into the mainstream and Paradox Interactive has announced that they are in full support of this idea, with some of their newer titles being designed to run natively in SteamOS.

Crusader Kings II To Be Invaded By The Old Gods DLC

Calling all pagans, heathens and rebels. Crusader Kings II is gearing up to launch “The Old Gods” DLC, bringing a variety of faiths and their civilizations to Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio’s strategy roleplaying game.

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