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More Screenshots Have Been Released For The Remastered Dead Rising Games, Check Them Out

Capcom revealed some new screenshots for the upcoming remastered editions of Dead Rising, giving gamers a look at how the first two games will appear on the eighth gen home consoles. If you've already seen Dead Rising on Xbox 360 or Dead Rising 2 on PC then you know what to expect.

The Dead Rising Bundle May Have Just Gotten A Release Date

Only a rumor at this time, it looks like those Dead Rising games might be launching on modern consoles in the not-too-distant future. And on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we might even be looking at a zombie-slaying bundle.

Dead Rising And Dead Rising 2 Will Finally Be Coming To Next-Gen Consoles, Get The Details

Another long series of rumors, leaks and speculation has evolved into reality, this time involving some classic games from the Dead Rising series.

How To Remove Dead Rising 3's 30fps Cap For PC

Dead Rising 3 will officially launch for PC this Friday, after being an exclusive on the Xbox One for a little under a year. The game will be coming with a few things that gamers may need to look into in order to get the most out of their experience on PC.

Xbox One Games Now $50, Capcom Library Gets Discounts

Microsoft announced a new round of discounts for Xbox One and Xbox 360 games this morning. The discounts are accompanied by permanent price cuts for some early Xbox One releases.

Dead Rising 3 Capped At 30fps On PC, Modders Can Access 60fps At Their Own Risk

The upcoming release of Dead Rising 3 on PC will be hard-capped at 30 frames per second due to the game's simulation being tied to engine code that locks certain features to the frame-rate.

Dead Rising 3 Is No Longer Xbox One Exclusive, PC Version On The Way

Soon Xbox One owners won't be the only ones playing Dead Rising 3. Capcom revealed today that a PC version will be arriving this summer.

Dead Rising 3 Operation Broken Eagle DLC Launching Tomorrow

Today Dead Rising 3 received a whopping 13GB patch. This title update brings several fixes and lays the groundwork for Dead Rising 3's first DLC episode, Operation Broken Eagle.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Sells A Million Copies; Dead Rising 3 Sells 600,000

The console wars are starting to get to the good bits in the early parts of the battle encounters. We're now able to start comparing sales data between hardware and software. The great part about it is that not only do we have confirmation of the PS4 outselling the Xbox One, but the game sales also reflect this axiom as well.

Free Xbox One Games Handed Out As Compensation For Hardware Failure

Microsoft has been getting lit up lately with complaints about hardware failure from just about every corner of the consumer market. What complaints are being filed? The Cookie Monster noise of Death with the disc drive, the Green Screen of Death and the Day-One Update of Doom. To compensate for this tragedy, Microsoft is sending out complementary games for those with Xbox One issues.

Xbox One Launch Lineup Includes 22 Games

Much like with the recently released PlayStation 4, there was a lot of shuffling going on concerning the Xbox One launch lineup as the system’s official release finally arrived. That, of course, just so happens to be today. And, also like the PS4, we can finally stop all of the “will it, won’t it” speculation and tool at a black and white list of the actual launch lineup, this one containing 22 entries.

Dead Rising 3 Walkthrough Guide

Looking for a gameplay walkthrough guide of Dead Rising 3? Need help finding out what you have to do and where you have to go and how to uncover that super rare whatever-it-is you're looking for? Well, a new video walkthrough series for Microsoft and Capcom Vancouver's open-world, post-apocalyptic zombie game has gone live, catering to all your curious, dead-end, inquisitive and desperate needs.

Dead Rising 3 Launch Trailer Crops Comedy For Serious Action

Given that the game's comedy-horror schtick is muted greatly in favor of darker colors and more serious looking character designs, Microsoft and Capcom took the opportunity to sell the 100% okay game as a serious, post-apocalyptic zombie survival game... even though it really isn't.

Dead Rising 3 Wins Over Some Reviewers, Loses To Frame Rate Issues

Capcom Vancouver's open-world zombie action title that helps flesh out the exclusive launch line-up for the Xbox One has finally landed on the desks of reviewers and the results are a mixed bag of praise and enjoyment fused with the languishing reality that Dead Rising 3's biggest foe had nothing to do with the game mechanics and everything to do with the technical hurdles of maintaining frame rate consistency.

Dead Rising 3 Averages 20 Frames Per Second On Xbox One

The frame stutter that attacked a Joystiq writer when they were previewing Dead Rising 3 for the Xbox One was somewhat of a one-off encounter. ShackNews also made mention of the frame stutter, but the rest of the Doritocracy played it mum... until today. Digital Foundry dropped a truth bomb that helps bring back the lighter fluid to the console flame wars.

Xbox One Dashboard Kinect Demo And Digital Game Sizes Revealed

Microsoft released an official promotional video of the Xbox One's dashboard in a 12 minute, PR friendly demonstration. The video rolls through all the different features of the Xbox One's dashboard, the Kinect integration, friends, watching TV, watching sports while watching TV on your TV and recording and uploading clips.

Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Gameplay Video Features Quirky Fun And Frame Stutter

Look, the frame issues that Joystiq brought out in their preview of Dead Rising 3 are very apparent. It's something that kind of plagues the game throughout the entire video playthrough. However, in all fairness, the outlier to the video is that the “teething” issues at least aren't just there without some elements of quirky fun.

Xbox One Suffers Frame Stutter In Dead Rising 3

720p when the game couldn't hit native 1080p? Check. 30 measly frames per second because 60 frames was beyond the system's hardware threshold? Check. Frame stutter to show that porting from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One and cutting corners to do so doesn't always yield the best results? Double check.

Dead Rising 3 Runs At 30fps And Only 720p On Xbox One

Another confirmation has been made courtesy of Capcom's executive producer Josh Bridge. The exec confirmed that Dead Rising 3 is running at a locked 30 frames per second at native 720p on the Xbox One. While many gamers have been hoping for native 1080p, it looks like what the developers could get to run within the given time frame is what gamers will end up with.

Dead Rising 3 Season Pass Announced, Capcom Releases Halloween Trailer

Capcom has four downloadable content packs planned for their open-world zombie adventure Dead Rising 3. These add-ons are said to explore the "untold stories" of Los Perdidos.

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