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Disney Just Shut Down Two Of Its Marvel Games, Get The Details

There are about to be a few less superheroes in this world as Disney Interactive announces the imminent shutdown of a pair of games featuring Captain America, Iron-Man and the rest of the Marvel universe.

Skylanders Just Totally Changed The Toys To Life Market With This New And Creative Expansion

Activision isn't giving up on Skylanders. The toy-to-life genre still has some life left to squeeze out of it and despite Disney Interactive completely shutting down their publishing wing and canceling Disney Infinity, Activision will push forward with the genre with a renewed zeal.

Disney Infinity Is Shutting Down, Here's What We Know

Disney Interactive has been surprising fans of all ages with Disney Infinity playsets, a direct competitor of Activision’s Skylanders playsets. But after many years of milking Disney movie releases to regurgitate products like the ever-popular Frozen figures for Disney Infinity, Disney Interactive announced suddenly that they were cancelling Disney Infinity.

What E3 Needs To Do In Order To Stay Relevant

In less than a couple months, E3 will be taking the video game universe by storm, but there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the ever-popular video game convention. E3 has got to do something different, otherwise they will disappear from the gaming world entirely.

5 Mobile Games To Look Forward To in 2016

Mobile gaming has been taking the video game industry by storm lately, with major companies like Konami completely changing gears to appeal to a mobile audience. But if you’re a console gamer who’s interested in learning about what new and upcoming mobile games to look forward to, well we’ve got a treat for you.

Disney Infinity Sells 3 Million Starter Packs

Disney Infinity may have seemed like a long shot for the entertainment company, but the toy-centered game has managed to move a rather impressive 3 million starter pack units since debuting in August of last year.

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons Announced By Disney

Disney Interactive announced today that a new Star Wars space combat game is in development. No, it's not a TIE Fighter remake. It's Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, a brand-new multiplayer title played through web browsers.

Fantasia: Music Evolved Ready To Rock On Xbox 360 And One

Disney and Microsoft are partnering up, utilizing the power of Kinect to turn your body into a finely-tuned musical instrument with the upcoming rhythm game, Fantasia: Music Evolved.

Disney's Infinity Delayed To August To Appease Retailers

Disney's toy and game tie-in called Disney Infinity lets players take control of popular Disney characters and with the accompanying toy recognition device. The new venture is expected to be as big as Activision's Skylanders brand but we won't know how big it will be because the June release has been scrapped for an August window. Why? Retailers.

Disney Infinity Aims To Mimic Skylanders

Disney Interactive is looking to cash in on the kids who love the Skylanders approach to gaming: using real-life action figures to help fuel in-game progression. Bridging toys with gameplay, Disney Infinity enables consumers to buy figurines and figurine bases and when played in connection with the game, it unlocks new missions, playable characters and in-game content.

Epic Mickey 2's Marvin Wolfman Explains How To Tell A Story

A short and sweet new developer diary was released from Junction Point Studios and Disney Interactive and it's basically about how famed comic book writer and animation storyteller Marvin Wolfman was contracted to work with Warren Spector and Junction Point in bringing Epic Mickey 2's story and characters to life.

Epic Mickey 2 Production Bigger Than Call Of Duty, Resident Evil 6

You thought EA's claim of spending $200 million and having 800 people labor away on Star Wars: The Old Republic was massive? Well, Warren Spector and crew at Junction Point Studios seem to be trying to rival that standard with Epic Mickey 2.

Split-Second Dev, Black Rock Studios, Officially Closes Doors

A tweet went out earlier today officially acknowledging that Black Rock Studios has officially closed its doors. The studio vets have moved on to other development teams, and a few members have formed a micro-studio known as ShortRound Games.

LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean Now Available For Major Game Consoles

Gamers can take to the high seas in Disney Interactive and TT Games’ brand new family-adventure game, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean for major home consoles and handheld devices.

Marvel Universe Will Be Free-To-Play; Heroes Will Be Playable

Gazillion Entertainment is taking the Marvel Universe Online MMO away from the monthly subscriptions and basing the game around cash shop monetization. Not only that but they’re doing what DC Universe had originally planned and will let players play through the entire story as some of their favorite iconic super heroes.

Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Disney Interactive Studios and TT Games announce today that the semi-movie-based video game, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, will be arriving in May for the Nintendo 3DS, accompanying its multi-platform counterparts.

Tron Studio Shut Down By Disney

Propaganda Games is no more. Disney Interactive revealed today that they have shuttered the Vancouver studio.

TRON Evolution DLC Packs Coming Soon For Xbox 360 And PS3

Disney Interactive is celebrating the release of the new Tron Legacy with brand new downloadable content packs for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of TRON Evolution.

Epic Mickey Soundtrack Coming December 21st

Disney Interactive wanted gamers and game music enthusiasts to know that a new behind-the-scenes featurette has been released for the game, along with a release date for the game's soundtrack.

TRON Evolution Now Available For Major Game Consoles

Disney Interactive wanted all you light-disc loving Tron fans out there to know that TRON Evolution is currently available for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and all those other platforms, too.

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