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Dungeon Keeper Ads Labeled As Misleading, Banned By ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority, an independent regulatory body over in the United Kingdom, recently deemed the ads in EA's Dungeon Keeper as misleading.

Dungeon Keeper iOS Review: Give Me Your Money

Is it possible to load up a game with nearly required microtransactions and still keep it fun? This question is worth exploring in a review about Dungeon Keeper's mobile remake. But first, let's talk about some of the premium add-ons that Gaming Blend is offering for this review.

EA Gets Lambasted Over Dungeon Keeper Microtransaction Gouging

The company has come under fire from a number of reputable tech sites, pundits and even the original Dungeon Keeper creator himself, Peter Molyneux.

Alpha Centauri, Populous 50% Cheaper This Weekend

The thinking PC gamer may want to head over to Good Old Games this weekend. The digital store is offering discounts on several classic strategy games as part of an "EA Worlds" promotion.

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