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Get-Well Gamers Interview: Bringing Video Games To Hospitalized Kids

Continuing my quest to prove to the world that video games are awesome, I searched the floor of this year’s E3 for a few organizations that do just that on a daily basis. Amidst the frenzied atmosphere of this year’s E3, I was lucky enough to meet Ryan Sharpe, the founder of the Get-Well Gamers Foundation. Get-Well Gamers, founded in 2001, is a non-profit organization that supplies video games to pediatric sections in hospitals.

E3 2013 Awards: PC Wins While Xbox One, Xbox 360 Come In Second

The Electronic Entertainment Expo wouldn't be complete without some deliberate form of competitive e-peen measuring. Nerds live and die by their hardware allegiances and this year's E3 was clearly dominated by the PC Master Race, with the platform coming away with the most wins for 2013's E3 while Microsoft's home consoles took second place.

Xbox One E3 Vids Pulled Together Into One Post

Team Xbox provided some E3 coverage of its own last week, pulling together one video per day during the main event to give gamers an inside look at the goings on at the Microsoft booth. Now you can check out all of that content in one convenient place over on the Major Nelson blog.

All The PlayStation E3 Trailers In One Post

Got some spare time on your hand and maybe a bucket of popcorn lying around? Good. You're going to need both to dive into all of these trailers Sony has pulled together from last week's E3 conference.

Angry Joe Vs Major Nelson: The Explosive Xbox One Interview Of The Decade

The microphone-snatching, red-faced answers, fanboy arm flailing and spittle exchange pretty much sums up what the Angry Joe interview with Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb was all about. It's just over 10 minutes of awkward, uncomfortable question asking and question answering. Also, I'm not kidding about Angry Joe having the microphone snatched out of his hands. For real.

E3 2013: Narrative Director Steven Gallagher Steps Out Of the Shadows With Thief

Thief is due out in 2014 and, after watching Eidos Montreal Narrative Director Steven Gallagher show off the game during E3 last week, it's easy to see why the game, ahem, stole the show for so many media and industry members.

E3 2013: Tracking Down Monsters In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

While E3 2013 kept on rolling on the LA Convention Center show floor, several developers took to higher ground, holding their press meetings in rooms tucked out of the way on the second floor. One such group was CD Projekt Red and their game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, was easily one of the biggest of the show.

Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay Trailer Puts Bounty on Dark Knight

The first Batman: Arkham Origins gameplay footage aired this week during E3. The trailer sets up the prequel's story while also showing off some of the combat.

E3 2013: PlayStation Blog Gathers It's E3 Coverage In One Convenient Location

If you've been following along this week, you will have likely noticed that E3 2013 has been full of announcements, trailers, demos and all sorts of other wonderful gaming goodness. I still have two articles coming tomorrow featuring two of my favorite games of the show, Witcher 3 and Thief. In the meantime, however, Sony has done everyone a favor on their end and compiled a massive post highlighting their E3 coverage on the PlayStation Blog. Tuck in for a long viewing session.

E3 2013: Exploring The Crazy Action Of Killer Is Dead

If you meandered over to the Marvelous/XSEED booth at E3 this year, you would have had the opportunity to get your hands on the delightfully stylish Killer is Dead. Behind closed doors, however, Product Manager Jimmy Soga was showing off a different section of gameplay, dishing additional details for the upcoming game along the way.

Weekly Recap June 15th: PS4 Is DRM Free, E3 Games Galore, Halo 5 Announced

All companies showed up prepared for battle and dropped some mean games on the show floor for gamers and media to oogle and fawn over...games we have showcased throughout this recap with a ton of trailers. Also, Nintendo is back in it to win it, Halo 5 was teased and there are more games coming out than this recap could possibly contain.

PS4 Games At E3 Ran On PS4 Dev Hardware, Not High-End PCs

Earlier today we ran an article about the Xbox One games at E3 actually running on high-end PC hardware. Well, a few of Sony's first and second party developers have stepped forward to comment how Sony wasn't all about smoke and mirrors...the games were running on actual PS4 development hardware.

The Crappy Side Of E3 For Video Game Journalists

So maybe you got to go to E3 or maybe you didn't. A lot of people who did go probably returned disgruntled, angry, excited, hurt, betrayed, overwhelmed and slightly violated...you know, typical feelings you get from being in prison. Well, one account of the journey to E3 was filled with tears, sadness and some mild sense of redemption and he wanted to share his story with the world.

E3 2013: Behind Closed Doors With Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Infinity Ward is stepping away from the Modern Warfare story arc with its latest offering in the Call of Duty series, Ghosts. Visitors to E3 this year had the opportunity to finally see the game in action in the form of an eyes-on demo. The setting has changed, but it became evident pretty quickly that Ghosts won't be straying too far from the heavily beaten path of the long-running series.

E3 2013: Eyes-on With The Destiny Gameplay Demo

Following the live demonstration of Destiny during the PlayStation 4 E3 press event, I was pretty excited to get to my behind-closed-doors session with the game Wednesday afternoon. I was a little bummed, then, to discover that this super secret session was a replaying of the same section of gameplay with basically the same script. Still, there are worse things in the world than getting to see a rad game demonstration for a second time.

E3 2013: Mad Max Is Not Based On The Films, Sports Customizable Vehicles

One of the big worries about the upcoming Mad Max game from Just Cause 2 outlet Avalanche Studios, is whether it would be Max based on Mel Gibson's films or Max based on the upcoming Tom Hardy re-sequel. Well, the good news is that Avalanche is not making it a movie tie-in and they have revealed some pretty awesome features for the title.

Xbox One Games At E3 Were Running On Windows 7 With Nvidia GTX Cards?

To get the best performance on home console games, Microsoft made sure that they were running on the most stable system specs available on the market and that happened to be a Windows 7 system with Nvidia's 7xx series GTX GPU.

Giant Bomb Gives You A Behind-The-Scenes Look At E3 Press Conferences

So uh, what's that chaotic procedure like to get up in the morning and storm each and every press conference held throughout the first day of E3? A chaotic procedure that includes getting up in the morning to storm each and every press conference held throughout the first day of E3.

Wii U Best Buy Promo Gets A Visit From Microsoft Employees

The exclusive Best Buy campaign to showcase the Nintendo Wii U and its games across the nation is being heralded as a success, according to people who have actually visited their local Best Buy stores. The campaign was so much of a success, in fact, even Microsoft employees were tempted to stop by.

E3 2013: Hands On With Saints Row 4

Tucked away in one of the private meeting rooms of the LA Convention Center, Deep Silver is showing off Saints Row IV with hands on demonstrations exploring two sections of gameplay. So, does the game live up to the series’ crass, yet endlessly entertaining pedigree? I only got to spend half an hour with the game but, from what I’ve seen, it looks like fans of the series are in for a treat once Aug. 20 rolls around.

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