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Turns Out Fortnite's Battle Royale Mode Is Pretty Popular

Epic Games recently put its Fortnite project into an early access phase across PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game didn't really make waves as a build-and-fight tower defense title, but after adding the free-to-play Battle Royale mode, the company has seen a major uptick in players, proving the new mode is quite popular.

Why Two Disney Films Rendered Scenes In Unreal Engine 4

We've finally come to the point in the history of our tech and entertainment industries where they're cross pollinating with fascinating results. One such crossover includes Disney making use of Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4 for two of their movies.

Microsoft And Epic Are Being Sued Over Gears Of War, Get The Details

Former professional wrestler and football player Lenwood Hamilton has a big issue with Microsoft and Epic Games over Gears of War. The third-person shooter has come under fire for a lot of things, but you'll want to get the details on why Hamilton is suing the video game makers.

Here's When You Can Play The Paragon Open Beta

Epic Games' open beta for Paragon will be free for everyone on the PlayStation 4 and PC starting May 26 and running through the weekend of May 30. The only thing that's required is to sign-up for the beta before May 25.

Paragon's Newest Fighter Looks Incredible, Check It Out

Ahead of the game's Early Access release on May 10, Epic Games released a new trailer for their cross-platform MOBA on PC and PS4, Paragon. The trailer takes a look at one of the game's more creative characters named GRIM.exe, who is a robotic titan powered by a little troll on his back.

What The Paragon Essentials Edition For PS4 Will Include

Epic Games and Sony have announced a partnership that will bring a physical copy of Paragon to store shelves. It’s called Paragon Essentials Edition, and it includes a whole bunch of digital goodies for folks who want a jump-start in the upcoming MOBA/shooter.

See If Paragon Will Run On Your Computer With These Newly Released Specs

Epic Games is gearing up for the full release of Paragon on PC and the PlayStation 4. The third-person MOBA title's early access phase is already underway, and if you plan on joining in before the official release you can see if your PC can hang with the new system specification requirements.

Paragon Early Access Founders Packs Are Now On Sale

If you’re looking to Epic’s Paragon as soon as possible, then you might want to pick up the game’s Founder’s Pack, which hit the PlayStation Network earlier today. With it, you’ll be able to dive into the Early Access Season, which kicks off later this week.

Download Shadow Complex PC Version For Free

Epic Games and Chair Entertainment have remastered their Metroidvania Shadow Complex as expected. In a surprise twist, though, they're giving it away for free for a limited time.

Shadow Complex Remake Outed By Ratings Board

The Pan European Game Information board has been on a roll lately with revealing new games for home consoles and PC well ahead of their official announcements. The latest game to get outed by the ratings board is the remastered edition of an Xbox 360 classic from Epic Games and Chair Entertainment called Shadow Complex.

Unreal Tournament Trailer Is A Blast From The Past

Epic unleashed some new gameplay footage for Unreal Tournament, the community-oriented revival of the team-based, first-person arena deathmatch game that was all the rage back during the early aughts.

Unreal Tournament Gameplay Trailer Brings Back Familiar Weapons

A new trailer has been released for the recently updated version of Unreal Tournament, which is being designed in part with the community and running on the latest version of the Unreal Engine 4. The trailer showcases an absolutely gorgeous new map called Outpost 23, and is accompanied by a few new additions to the marketplace.

Epic Games Releases Unreal Engine 4 For Free

Epic Games took the next big leap into the realm of breaking down barriers and opening up the bridge between dreaming up a cool game and making that cool game. How did they break down the barrier? By removing the financial hurdles for small outlets, starting studios and indie devs to get over.

Unreal Engine 4.6 Released

Epic Games sent out the news this morning letting gamers and game designers know that the Unreal Engine has recently been updated to version 4.6, featuring some really awesome upgrades, including the ability to make worlds 20km big all in one go with no extra loading required.

Fortnite Alpha Begins This Week

Gamers are about to get their chance to try out Epic Games' Fortnite. The co-op survival game's alpha test is set to begin this week and run through the month.

Epic Games Gives Away Unreal Engine 4 Free For Schools

Today, Epic Games announced that they have volleyed the ball back into the court of Unity after announcing that they will be giving away Unreal Engine 4 licenses for free to schools and students under the new education program.

New Unreal Tournament Will Be Free, Will Financially Thrive On Mods

Epic Games is really diving head-first into emergent business models. I have to really applaud this for this move. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll explain it like this: Epic Games is acting like an indie hipster.

Unreal Engine 4.1 Free For PS4, Xbox One Indie Dev Subscribers, Now Supports SteamOS

Huge, huge news today for the Unreal Engine. It appears Epic Games is starting to hunker down and get serious about the ever-changing interactive entertainment gaming market.

Bulletstorm Delisted From Steam; GFWL Shutdown Is Prime Suspect

Electronic Arts, Epic Games and People Can Fly's Bulletstorm has been delisted from Steam. This happened a few days ago and was originally reported by Slash Gear.

Unreal Engine 4 Tools Make Game Design So Much Easier

The latest tool demonstration video is the one that seals the deal: the Unreal Engine 4 SDK is one of the easiest design tools available on the market.

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