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3 Horror Game Franchises That Need To Be Totally Rebooted

In the age of virtual reality and all kinds of other advances rearing its face in video games today, there's a few horror games I feel like would benefit from getting a do-over in this day and age. And I only say these few because I feel like the game could be bettered into something it was always meant to be.

Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water Might Be Getting A Physical Release

Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water was recently released on the Wii U just last year—as a digital copy only. But now, a company by the name of Limited Run Games is trying to bring a physical version of the game to the United States.

New Trailer For Horror Game NightCry Is A Trip Back To 90's Horror

This horror game might feel oddly familiar...can’t put your finger on it? The game has been in development for awhile with an initial release date listed on its Kickstarter as March 2015, so many were surprised to see the quality of the newest trailer which feels very much like a 1999 version of Silent Hill or an early version of Resident Evil or Fatal Frame.

Fatal Frame Is Coming To Wii U, Along With New Movie And Novel

Tecmo Koei is finally doing what third-party publishers should be doing to bolster the appeal of the Wii U: they're creating strong brand appeal for a Wii U game while exploring additional market expansion for the property. It's just common sense.

Fatal Frame II Haunts PlayStation Network On Tuesday

Survival horror is making a resurgence of sorts, so long as you don't mind getting your dose of frights through old school gaming. It looks like the extremely hard to track down Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly will be coming to PlayStation Network next week, providing thrills and chills as the latest addition to the PlayStation 2 Classics collection.

Fatal Frame Goes Behind The Lens With Series Director

They just don’t make survival horror games like they used to. Thankfully, some of the genre’s biggest classics can still manage to scare up a good time. The original Fatal Frame, for instance, recently re-launched as a PlayStaiton 2 Classic. To celebrate, series director Makoto Shibata has taken to the blogosphere to share some behind the scenes details about the making of the original game.

Guacamelee, XCOM, Fatal Frame Hit PlayStation Network This Week

It's Monday, which means it is once again time to go over the standard batch of digital gaming entertainment that will make up tomorrow's PlayStation Network weekly release. Kicking things off in stretchy pants and a magical mask is this week's headlining platforming brawler, Guacamelee!

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