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Three Final Fantasy Ports Come To Nintendo Switch In April

Gamers have been clamoring for more games on the Nintendo Switch. It's a highly popular platform with a ton of games in the pipeline. Some publishers have been attempting to placate the requests by announcing various ports to the system, and one such publisher is Square Enix, who announced that three Final Fantasy games will be ported to the Switch in April.

The Nintendo Switch Is Getting A Crazy Number Of Final Fantasy Games

Square and Nintendo never quite rekindled the relationship that they once had back in the late 1980s and 1990s, but with the latest Nintendo Direct it looks like the two game makers want to bring back all the fans of yesteryear by dumping tons of Final Fantasy games onto the Nintendo Switch.

Universal Studios Japan Is Getting A Final Fantasy Ride

Universal Studios Japan is offering yet another limited time attraction, this time targeting fans of the Final Fantasy series. If you've ever wanted to come face to face with Sephiroth, now might be a good time to book your vacation plans.

Tekken 7 Is Adding A Final Fantasy Character

Tekken 7 is still going strong with DLC characters, but we think it's safe to say nobody saw the latest addition to the fighting game's roster coming. Get ready to kick butt as a Final Fantasy character.

Final Fantasy Mobius Event Will Answer A Major Final Fantasy X Question

If you played Final Fantasy X, you were likely left with a few questions. Some of those questions weren't even answered when the sequel arrived. Now, all these years later, Square Enix is filling in at least one of the gaps through the popular mobile game, Final Fantasy Mobius.

Final Fantasy 15's Update Adds To The Franchise's Lore

Square Enix has plans on continuing to support Final Fantasy XV long after the game's original launch back in late 2016. The company has committed to that with the latest update, which has been made available right now for home consoles.

What Final Fantasy 15's Director Thinks Of Mods

Final Fantasy XV is already a big game, and it's continuing to grow on a regular basis thanks to constant content drops, new modes and the like.

Why Final Fantasy 15 Is Getting Updates Instead Of A Sequel

If you've been waiting for an announcement concerning a Final Fantasy XV sequel, now would be a good time to stop holding your breath. According to a recent interview, Square Enix has zero plans to build a direct follow-up to their latest epic RPG. But just because they're not doing a XV-2 doesn't mean they don't have a lot more planned in the form of downloadable content.

Kingdom Hearts 3: What We Know So Far

There are few video games series that have such passionate fan bases as the Kingdom Hearts games. Combining two franchises that are at the top of their respective fields, the Final Fantasy RPGs and Disney Animation, the pair work together to create some sort of unholy Voltron.

The One Thing That Needs To Happen To Bring Final Fantasy 14 To Xbox One And Switch

For the millions of gamers on Xbox One and the couple of million who have picked up a Nintendo Switch, you might be wondering where Final Fantasy XIV is? It's on PlayStation consoles, it's on PC... so why not the other two? Well, there's one thing that needs to happen before Square Enix brings the game to the Xbox One and Switch.

Why Final Fantasy 12 Is Returning, According To Its Devs

Remasters is nothing new. This generation above and beyond any other has seen lots and lots of older games, recent games and classic games getting remastered. One of those titles happens to be Square Enix's Final Fantasy XII, and the developers recently explained why it's returning.

New Final Fantasy 7 Still Show The Remake's Graphics

Two stills image from the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII have been released to the public. Tetsuya Nomura, the visual mastermind behind a lot of Square's biggest games, is currently hard at work on the remake of Final Fantasy VII and the new images give gamers a bit of something to chew on during the long wait for release.

The PlayStation Store Is Having A Final Fantasy Anniversary Sale

If all the big launches of this week aren't your cup of tea, don't sweat it. Square Enix has you covered with a big 'ole Final Fantasy anniversary sale over on the PlayStation Store right now. This means you can get your hands on some of the new games and old classics at discounted prices.

Final Fantasy XV's Moogle Chocobo Carnival Begins Today, Get The Details

Square Enix is continuing to promote Final Fantasy XV following the game's blockbuster release last holiday season for PS4 and Xbox One. They're moving millions of copies and the game is one of the largest yet. Well, the celebration continues with the new Moogle Chocobo Carnival, and it begins today.

Ariana Grande Is Appearing In A Final Fantasy Game

Square Enix has managed to make Final Fantasy a highly talked about topic not just in 2016 but also entering into 2017. Their latest escapade includes acquiring the services of Arian Grande, who is set to appear in a Final Fantasy game already on the market.

Final Fantasy XV's First DLC Will Bring Back A Classic Monster

Now that Square Enix has released Final Fantasy XV, a lot of people are wondering what's next for the game. Well, there is some new DLC on the way and one of the DLC packs will include a classic monster in Gladiolus' pack.

The Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood Teaser Is Gorgeous And Action-Packed, Watch It Now

While many gamers are still working through Final Fantasy XIV's most recent major update, the developers have decided to let everyone know that even more action-packed goodness is on the way. It looks like the next expansion for FFXIV will be called "Stormblood," and we've even got a rather fantastic announcement trailer to share, too.

The New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Shows Off Summons, New Characters

Final Fantasy XV is set to launch this year, giving players a chance to explore Square Enix's latest entry in the storied RPG series. But what would a Final Fantasy game be without a colorful cast of characters and folks summoning massive monsters to fight at their side? Thankfully, we get a look at exactly that in the game's latest trailer.

Check Out New Final Fantasy XV Footage From PAX West

Square Enix may have had to delay Final Fantasy XV further back into November, just after the Black Friday rush, but that doesn't mean they're done promoting the game. They had a showing at this year's PAX West in Seattle, Washington, highlighting some new gameplay footage for the upcoming title.

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