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XCOM 2's Dark Events Will Keep You On Your Toes

Firaxis Games briefly showcased a special element within XCOM 2 called Dark Events. It's something the ADVENT aliens employ as players progress through the game and attempt to complete more and more objectives.

XCOM 2 Just Got A Huge Delay

Strategy fans won't be able to play XCOM 2 anytime soon. Firaxis Games announced on their website today that they're pushing back the sequel's launch date by months.

Check Out 12 Minutes of XCOM 2 Gameplay

A new 12 minute gameplay video has been released for XCOM 2 featuring a look at the game's mobile base and how players can micromanage the different compartments to increase efficiency and upgrading the base to turn it into a flying Rambo rendition of the Titanic.

XCOM 2 Could Come to PS4 and Xbox One

For right now it's been confirmed that XCOM 2 is only scheduled to arrive on PC as an exclusive. However, it might be a timed exclusive because the developers haven't completely ruled out a release on Microsoft and Sony's eighth-gen consoles.

XCOM 2 Announced For PC

Firaxis Games is now working on a sequel to their strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. They expect to release XCOM 2 later this year.

Civilization: Beyond Earth Expansion Pack Rising Tide Announced

Civilization: Beyond Earth will be receiving its first expansion pack soon. Rising Tide will introduce a new set of features for the sci-fi strategy game.

Civilization Developer Announces Sid Meier's Starships

Civilization and XCOM studio Firaxis Games announced today that they have a new strategy game on the way. Sid Meier's Starships will be launching on PC, Mac and iPad later in 2015.

Civilization: Beyond Earth Isn't Alpha Centauri 2 But It's Close

Today Firaxis Games announced the next game in the Civilization series. Civilization: Beyond Earth will take players out of the solar system in a quest to create a new homeworld for mankind.

XCOM: Enemy Within Will Make You Fear The Seeker

XCOM: Enemy Within will introduce new extraterrestrials for players to battle. The most frightening of these new additions seems to be the Seeker.

XCOM: Enemy Within Expansion Pack Coming This Fall

Today, Firaxis Games explained what exactly XCOM: Enemy Within is. Within, previously outed by a trademark application, isn't a sequel to Enemy Unknown but an expansion pack.

XCOM: Enemy Within Revealed By Ratings Board, Announcement Coming At Gamescom

Could XCOM: Enemy Within be the sequel of XCOM: Enemy Unknown? The title was mentioned in new listings by the Game Rating Board of South Korea.

Civilization V: Brave New World Launch Trailer Promises Peace

In early July, Firaxis Games will release the Brave New World expansion pack for the epic strategy game Civilization V. They've decided to jump the gun and release the launch trailer early to remind everyone that the expansion's en route.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Gets iPhone, iPad Release Date

If you own an iPhone or an iPad, you'll be able to pick up XCOM: Enemy Unknown this week. 2K Games revealed today that they'll be releasing the strategy game through the App Store June 20th.

Civilization V Brave New World E3 Trailer Discusses World Congress, Diploma

Civilization V's expansion Brave New World will introduce a new diplomatic feature known as the World Congress. The latest trailer from Firaxis explains how you can use this global organization to your advantage.

Civilization V Brave New World Trailer Explores Trade Routes

Civilization V's Brave New World expansion will introduce international trade routes to the strategy game. Trade routes will allow players to expand their influence and power throughout the world.

Sid Meier's Ace Patrol Takes To The Skies On iOS Today

It’s time to take to the skies and blow your enemies into tiny, flaming pieces as Firaxis and 2K announce the official launch of Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol for iOS. To recap: Planes, strategy, make things go boom, iOS, now.

Haunted Hollow Now Available For iOS

Firaxis and 2K announced that their exclusive iOS haunting-strategy game, Haunted Hollow, is now available for Apple's iOS powered devices. In addition to announcing the availability of the game, they also released a brand new launch trailer to show off all the features of the title.

2K And Firaxis Announce Sid Meier's Ace Patrol For iOS

With Haunted Hollow due out tomorrow (as of the writing of this article) for iOS, Firaxis isn't leaving the mobile landscape alone and they're already primed and ready for their next mobile venture in the form of Sid Meier's Ace Patrol.

Haunted Hollow Interview: Firaxis Doesn't Want To Rip You Off

Firaxis Games is working on an upcoming mobile title called Haunted Hollow. It's a strategy-based title with elements of action, horror comedy and competitive multiplayer. Branching out from the typical bigger budget titles released for home PCs and consoles, Firaxis is trying their hand at unique mobile title all while trying to play by the rules so that their game isn't another pay-to-win cash-in.

Civilization V: Brave New World Release Date Revealed, XCOM Units Confirmed

Firaxis Games is mixing a little XCOM: Enemy Unknown into their other strategy game Civilization V. The upcoming Civ V expansion Brave New World will allow players to add XCOM troopers to their civilization's army.

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