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E3 2015: Crossout Is Vehicular Combat MMO

Crossout is all about vehicular destruction on a massive scale. It's right there in the game's tagline, “Craft, ride, destroy.” Gaming Blend sat down with Gaijin Entertainment's Yulia Shveyko during E3 2015 to discuss each of those three facets of the game, as well as see some of the carnage in action.

E3 2014: War Thunder Soars With Oculus Rift

“I’m a believer.” Those are the first words I hastily scribbled on my notepad after spending about 15 minutes with War Thunder on the Oculus Rift. Having already played this World War II-era plane and tank combat game on the PlayStation 4, I already knew I was a fan. But now that I’ve experienced aerial warfare with a virtual reality visor strapped to my head, it’s the only way I want to play these types of games moving forward.

War Thunder Soars Onto OnLive

OnLive is set to become a battlefield as Gaijin Entertainment announces the launch of War Thunder on the game streaming service, offering up free-to-play plane and tank combat for all to enjoy.

Why Is War Thunder On PS4 And Not Xbox One? Because Microsoft Prevents Cross-Platform Play

So why is Gaijin Entertainment's War Thunder on the PS4 but it's not on the Xbox One? What happened?

War Thunder Rolls Out Phase Two For Closed Tanks Beta

War Thunder is gearing up to invite even more players into its second wave of the Ground Forces closed beta, complete with a trio of developer diaries to bring everyone up to speed.

Skydive: Proximity Flight Finally Makes Use Of Kinect In A Cool Way

Many gamers have been excited about Kinect. When it was known as Natal all we could see was huge potential and lots of possibilities. The problem was that Microsoft used Kinect to peddle tons of shovelware for casual gamers and made it suck. Well, a new core game has been announced called Skydive: Proximity Flight by Gaijin Entertainment and it finally uses Kinect in the way that we've always wanted: to play a game that's actually fun!

War Thunder PS4 Trailer Is Full Of Heavy Metal

Gaijin Entertainment has announced that its military MMO, War Thunder is headed to the PlayStation 4 this holiday season and, in the process, has revealed a few new details about potential features of the new console.

War Thunder Open Beta Receives Major Update

War Thunder, the free-to-play military combat MMO from Gaijin Entertainment, has received a mechanical and graphical facelift in Beta update version 1.29. If you aren’t one of the 1 million-plus pilots already taking part in the online war games, apparently the game has never looked or played so good.

War Thunder Heads Into Open Beta

A new flight simulation MMO from Gajin Entertainment has finally headed into open beta. The name of the game is War Thunder and it focuses on aerial combat for co-op, PvP and PvE missions. The game looks pretty good thanks to a brand new trailer released.

Run'n'Gun Brings Wild West Fairytale Running To iOS

The mobile gaming scene, if you will pardon the pun, is overrun with runners these days. If you want your perpetual motion game to get noticed, it had better bring something new or unique to the party. Gaijin Entertainment might very well have exactly that in their latest offering, Run’n’Gun, and endless runner set in a fantasy world with light RPG elements and some pretty spectacular graphics on iOS.

Dance Magic Grooves Onto PlayStation Network Next Week

Have you ever played a game like Space Channel 5 and thought to yourself, “Hey, I sure would like to save the world with nothing more than my sweet, sweet dance moves.” Well, thanks to Gajin Entertainment’s upcoming groove-a-thon, Dance Magic, you can do exactly that starting next week on the PlayStation 3.

Blades Of Time Coming To PC, Mac On April 18th

Gaijin Entertainment's recent co-op release for the Xbox 360 and PS3, Blades of Time, is not a home console exclusive. The company recently announced that a version of the game is in the works for PCs and Macs and will arrive in April.

Blades Of Time Now Available For Xbox 360, PS3

The co-op, treasure-hunting, hack-and-slash, action-adventure game for the Xbox 360 and PS3 is currently available. Konami sent out word that the game has finally arrived at a retailer near you.

Space Sim MMO Star Conflict Announced For PC

Star Gem announced their first game today, entitled Star Conflict. It's a massive multiplayer space simulation in development for the PC. The game puts players at the front line of an interplanetary war.

Birds Of Steel Debut Gameplay Trailer For Xbox 360, PS3

Flight simulators have been in short supply as of late; we just don't get them half as much as we used to back during the golden age of PC gaming. Konami, however, is separating themselves from the rest of the publishing pack by working with Gaijin Entertainment to deliver a World War II dog-fighting sim for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Apache: Air Assault Flies Into Stores For Xbox 360 And PS3

After making sure that Call of Duty Black Ops broke records and made everyone rich, Activision has now turned their attention to Apache: Air Assault and wanted gamers to know that the game is very much available for purchase.

Wings Of Prey Dynamic New Debut Trailer

I'm not really sure why it's called a debut trailer when it’s more like a launch trailer, but who really cares what the difference is when the game looks as good as Wings of Prey?

X-Blades Demo Now Available

Two months after third-person hack-and-slash game X-Blades, it finally has a playable demo. Unfortunately, it's only available for the PC version.

Review: X-Blades

I'm sorry to the staff at Gaijin Entertainment, but X-Blades is not a good game. There's a lot that the game tries to do, and it doesn't do anything particularly well. I had such high hopes for this game, too. From the outset, everything seemed like it would be pretty good: hot anime chick plus swords plus guns plus magic should be a recipe for success, but they somehow managed to mess things up.

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