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Captain America: Civil War Content Has Arrived In Marvel Heroes, Get The Details

Gazillion Entertainment has recently updated the 2016 edition of Marvel Heroes to include the Captain America: Civil War content, which features the Iron Man suit and Captain America getup from the recently released film.

The CEO Of Marvel Heroes Just Left The Company

David Brevik is a legend in the gaming industry. He's usually accredited with spearheading Diablo 2's development into the direction of becoming a historical landmark in gaming. Well, news recently broke that Brevik's latest work with Gazillion Entertainment has come to an end.

Marvel Heroes 2015 Gets Huge Update For Valentine's Day

Marvel Heroes allows players to take on the role of their favorite hero and play online. The creator of the game has mentioned that Gazillion has some big plans for the game in light of Valentine's Day being around the corner.

Marvel Heroes Gets Forge Of Asgard Update, Mac Beta Soon

Marvel Heroes is set to get just a bit more heroic as the “Forge of Asgard” update finally arrives. Additionally, the game is finally coming to Mac, so look for some closed beta testing to begin later this month for those of you looking to take control of the galaxy’s mightiest heroes on the iPuter.

Marvel Heroes Gets PvP Now, Gambit Soon

The world of Marvel Heroes is once again expanding as “Fire and Ice” player versus player content goes live. Also, the ragin’ Cajun, Gambit, will soon become a playable player. Get those playing cards ready. It’s about to get kinetic.

Marvel Heroes Update 2.0 Goes To Asgard

Gazillion Entertainment is gearing up to make the most heroic free-to-play MMO even more, um, heroic, with Marvel Heroes Update 2.0, including new locations, new characters, story events, items to discover and more.

Marvel Heroes Preps Patch 1.11, Asgard Region On The Horizon

It looks like Marvel Heroes is continuing to grow, both in terms of the number of players logging on to play the game and in upcoming new content. Gazillion Entertainment has pulled back a little bit of the curtain on future updates, revealing some patch details and the game’s next new playable zone, Asgard.

Marvel Heroes Launches As Free-to-play Action-MMORPG

Avengers, assemble! No, seriously, you and your buds can play as Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and the like, and get to clobbering in Marvel Heroes, the free-to-play action-MMORPG from Gazillion Entertainment featuring, well, heroes from the Marvel universe.

Marvel Heroes Release Date Set For June

The official release date for Marvel Heroes has been set for June 4th. David Brevik's return to the ARPG genre after Diablo II has garnered a lot of buzz lately and should prove to be an interesting venture, especially given that a lot of gamers are looking for a good action RPG.

David Brevik Says MMOs Shouldn't Be World Of Warcraft Clones

Speaking about his upcoming game Marvel Heroes Online, former Blizzard golden boy, David Brevik, spoke openly, honestly and earnestly about the shape of the MMO business. He condemns how some companies have tainted “free-to-play” and how MMO is usually associated with being bad knockoffs of World of Warcraft.

Marvel Heroes, The Real Diablo 3, Accepting Closed Beta Sign-Ups

In multiple interviews and promo pieces Gazillion has lapped up the community disdain for Blizzard's rendition of Diablo III by saying that their upcoming MMO ARPG will satiate the true loot-and-grind thirst that Diablo fans have been craving since Diablo II. Today, the company has made it known that CBT sign-ups have opened for the game's upcoming testing session on October 1st.

Marvel Heroes PAX Trailer Features The Punisher, Daredevil, Spider-Man

Gazillion Entertainment and Marvel released a new trailer during this year's PAX Prime over the weekend featuring three brand new super heroes, including Daredevil, Spider-Man and The Punisher. Following up on studio lead David Brevik's comments, you can now put a visual image to the game that is being hailed as the true spiritual successor to Diablo II.

Diablo 3's Original Design Will Be Used In Marvel Heroes

David Brevik suffered a public humiliation at the hands of Jay Wilson, when the lead designer of Diablo III said to “f*ck that loser” in a public Facebook post. Well, after Jay Wilson got a good lambasting from the Diablo community and apologized to Brevik, it's now become apparent that Brevik 's upcoming ARPG, Marvel Heroes was always destined to be Diablo III.

Marvel Heroes Is The Spiritual Successor To Diablo 2, Says Gazillion

After the vitriolic comments from Jay Wilson about David Brevik regarding Diablo III, Gazillion Entertainment took the opportunity to cash in on the pitchfork and torch affair and wants everyone to play their game Marvel Heroes because it's the true successor to Diablo II...since it's being designed by David Brevik and all.

Marvel Universe Online Dev Says MMOs Are In A Rut

Gazillion Entertainment -- the developers behind the upcoming MMO Marvel Universe Online -- COO and president David Brevik had some interesting things to say about MMOs and he basically states the obvious: MMOs are in a rut because they're trying to be WoW clones.

Marvel Universe Will Be Free-To-Play; Heroes Will Be Playable

Gazillion Entertainment is taking the Marvel Universe Online MMO away from the monthly subscriptions and basing the game around cash shop monetization. Not only that but they’re doing what DC Universe had originally planned and will let players play through the entire story as some of their favorite iconic super heroes.

Gazillion Plans Marvel MMO's

If you're looking to fight alongside Wolverine in an MMO, consider Gazillion Entertainment your dealer. They've locked up the rights to produce massive multiplayer online games based on the Marvel Universe for the next ten years.

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