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GTA 5 Online Ill-Gotten Gains Update Is Days Away

Rockstar Games will be celebrating the start of June with a new Grand Theft Auto 5 update. The update, called "Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1," gives players a whole lot of new things to buy in the game's online mode.

GTA 5 Online Heists Won't Be Expanding Anytime Soon

Hope you're happy playing the current set of online heists in GTA 5. Rockstar says that they won't be adding any more heists in the near future.

GTA 5's Future Updates Might Skip PS3 And Xbox 360

In my opinion one of the biggest hold-ups for GTA V really indulging in its true capabilities is that it was made for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Well, for those of you who actually want to see the game grow beyond the limitations of the seventh generation, you might be getting your wish with future updates for the game.

GTA 5 Online Festive Surprise Celebrates The Holidays

Rockstar Games has launched a special holiday event for GTA 5. The Festive Surprise brings players several new activities and gifts from now until January 5th.

Why GTA 5's Online Heists Are Taking So Long

GTA Online's cooperative heists still aren't in the game a year after they were announced. In a new apology to players, Rockstar explained the delay and promised a free gift.

GTA 5 Online Heists Details Might Disappoint You

Over a year after first announcing online heists for GTA 5, Rockstar Games finally shared some details. They've released a trailer and screenshots along with release date information for the long-delayed feature.

GTA 5: How To Transfer GTA Online Characters To Xbox One, PS4

Now that Grand Theft Auto V has officially launched for those with eighth generation home consoles, it's probably become apparent that those who originally owned the game on the Xbox 360 and PS3 will probably want to transfer over their GTA Online character and stats. Well, here's how you do it.

GTA 5 Online Event Celebrates San Andreas' 10th Anniversary

Believe it or not, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released 10 years ago. Rockstar Games will celebrate this milestone with a special GTA Online weekend event.

GTA 5 Online Last Team Standing Update Arrives On Xbox 360 And PS3

GTA Online received another free update this morning. The Last Team Standing Update (Title Update 1.17) provides new content for the mode of the same name while also introducing a few other items to the game.

GTA 5 Online Flight School Update Weekend Launches With Double RP And Cash Rewards

Today Rockstar Games is launching a special event to celebrate the release of GTA Online Flight School Update. This weekend-long celebration includes progression bonuses and exclusive rewards for players.

GTA 5 Online Flight School Update Now Live On Xbox 360 And PS3

GTA Online's Flight School Update has been released on Xbox 360 and PS3. The new content can be downloaded through automatic update 1.16 on both consoles.

GTA 5 Online Flight School Update Launching Tomorrow With Patch 1.16

GTA Online will receive a San Andreas Flight School Update tomorrow. The new content will be available along with Patch 1.16 on both Xbox 360 and PS3.

GTA 5 Heists Song Turns Frustration Into Beautiful Music

Bored GTA 5 players keep finding creative ways to keep themselves amused while waiting for the cooperative heists. A group of musically inclined gamers have created an original song pleading with Rockstar to release heists for GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online Heists Animations Leaked, Reveal Bank Robberies

GTA Online doesn't have co-op heists yet but gamers keep finding more and more pieces of them in the game's files. The latest discovery is a set of animations that give us some information on the types of heists players will undertake.

GTA Online Double RP Event Will Say Goodbye To Independence Day DLC

It's been nearly a month since the release of GTA Online's Independence Day Special. Rockstar Games believes it's time to say goodbye to some of the holiday-themed items that it introduced.

GTA 5's Online Mode Gets 10 New Verified Jobs

Rockstar has sent out word that 10 new verified jobs have been added to Grand Theft Auto V's online mode for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. The jobs have been added courtesy of an event that Rockstar held a month ago.

Watch The Sopranos Intro Recreated In GTA 5

GTA 5 players have used the sandbox game to remake the introduction from HBO gangster series The Sopranos. The shot-for-shot remake is well worth a watch.

Check Out GTA 5 Player's Perfect Response To Online Heists Delay

Are you tired of waiting for Rockstar Games to release cooperative heists for GTA Online? Then this site is for you.

GTA 5 Online Independence Day DLC Weekend Starts Today

Rockstar Games wants you to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend in GTA Online. They're launching a special event today in celebration of the holiday and the release of the Independence Day Special DLC that arrived earlier this week.

GTA 5 Online Independence Day Special DLC Launches On Xbox 360 And PS3

Rockstar Games released a surprise update for GTA Online today. The Independence Day Special, affectionately called "Oh my god where are the heists, Rockstar?" by fans, provides several new Fourth of July-themed items along with a much-needed feature.

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