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GTA 6: Will Rockstar Make The Sequel?

When a game brings in over $1 billion in revenue in its first three days, you can bet there's going to be a sequel. Grand Theft Auto 6 seems like an obvious move for Rockstar Games but will they do it?

GTA 5 Online Capture Creator DLC Launching Today On Xbox 360 And PS3

Rockstar Games is making the first major update to the GTA Online Creator tool. Players will now be able to build their own Capture Mode jobs for multiplayer.

GTA 5 Online Video Recreates Gone In 60 Seconds Bridge Jump

Gone In 60 Seconds is a mostly terrible movie but it does have some nice stunt driving. A group of GTA 5 players decided to reenact one of the best stunts within Los Santos.

GTA 5 Online Title Update 1.12 Released, Capture Jobs Offering Double RP And Cash

Rockstar Games has released a new patch for GTA 5 that brings many changes to the multiplayer side of the game. They've also upped progression for GTA Online in preparation for a content update later in the week.

GTA 5 Online High Life Update DLC, Capture Creator Announced By Rockstar

Rockstar Games will change many aspects of GTA 5's multiplayer this spring and also add a few new features. Today they gave a full run-down on their plans.

GTA 5 Online Players Fly Through Vinewood Sign Or Die Trying

One of the most iconic locations in the world of GTA 5 is the Vinewood sign that looms over the city of Los Santos. As it turns out, you can fly a plane through the sign. It's not easy, though.

GTA 5 Online Heist Videos Created By Bored Players

GTA 5 players are tired of waiting for Rockstar to add online heists to the game's multiplayer mode. They've decided to act out their own heists within the game.

GTA 5 Online Human Bullet Video Uses Gravity As A Weapon

GTA Online has been available since last fall and players are still finding new ways to kill each other. A new video shows how players can use their body as a lethal weapon.

GTA 5 Online Cargo Plane Jump Is The Second Greatest Thing I've Watched Today

By now, GTA Online drivers have pulled off thousands of great jumps with their cars. Very few, however, have pulled off a jump hundreds of feet above Los Santos.

GTA 5 Players Recreate The Purge: Anarchy Trailer

GTA 5 continues to be a great way for gamers to express their love for movies. This week a group of gamers released a trailer based on the upcoming horror film The Purge: Anarchy that uses footage from GTA 5 as well as its multiplayer component, GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online PC Beta Keys Are Fake

If you get an email claiming that you've been invited to a Grand Theft Auto V beta test for PC, be very skeptical. Security software company Trend Micro says that fake invites loaded with malware are making the rounds.

GTA 5 Online Verified Jobs Announced By Rockstar

Rockstar Games detailed ten more player-created Jobs from GTA Online that have impressed them. These "Rockstar Verified Jobs" will be available on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of GTA 5 from now on.

GTA 5 Online Business Update Weekend Celebrates DLC's Release

Rockstar Games is holding a Business Weekend Social Club Online Event this weekend in GTA Online. They're providing players with numerous incentives to log back into the game and try out the new Business Update DLC.

GTA 5 Online Business Update DLC Launches On Xbox 360, PS3 Today

Today Grand Theft Auto 5 and its multiplayer component GTA Online are receiving free DLC. The Business Update for GTA 5 adds several new toys to players' arsenal.

GTA 5 Online Players Recreate Skyfall Train Scene

A group of GTA 5 players paid tribute to James Bond this weekend with a new video. The group went online and acted out the opening train sequence from Skyfall, the latest 007 film.

GTA 5 Online Business Update DLC Coming Next Week

Rockstar Games is planning to release more free content for GTA 5 next week. The Business Update will give Xbox 360 and PS3 players new toys for both Story Mode and GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online Patch 1.1 Resets Player Rank

Some GTA 5 players have encountered an issue with Title Update 1.1. A bug in the patch reset their progress in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online Microtransactions Earn Tons Of Money

Selling virtual money for GTA Online is very lucrative for Rockstar Games and parent Take-Two Interactive. Microtransactions in GTA 5's multiplayer have earned the companies up to $66 million this fall.

GTA 5 Online Money Glitch Still Works After Patch 1.10

Rockstar Games' latest patch for GTA 5's multiplayer fixes several duplicate vehicle exploits. However, players still have at least one way to make easy money through GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online Valentine's Weekend Event Boosts Cash, RP Rewards

In honor of the new Valentine's Day Massacre Special content for GTA Online, Rockstar is hosting a special weekend event. The festivities will even spill over into older Rockstar games Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3.

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