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Horizon: Zero Dawn Gets Delayed, Get The Details

Horizon: Zero Dawn was first showed off at E3 last year, leaving viewers in awe at something so extravagant and intricate. So it’s no surprise the open-world game is getting delayed.

Horizon Is Killzone Developer's New Action Game

Guerrilla Games has been hard at work on a secret title for quite some time and it isn't Killzone. The new game is called Horizon: Zero Dawn and it's a third-person action-adventure game featuring a world after the apocalypse where humans are attempting to build back up civilization.

Sony Sued Over Killzone: Shadow Fall's Lack Of 1080p In Multiplayer

Polygon picked up word on the lawsuit that was filed in California by resident Douglas Ladore in Northern District California court. According the lawsuit, Sony falsely advertised Killzone: Shadow Fall and its ability to hit 1080p.

Killzone Shadow Fall Adds Two More Free Maps To Multiplayer

What’s better than shooting your friends in online multiplayer? Shooting your friends in online multiplayer in new and exciting locations! And Killzone Shadow Fall players will have the opportunity to do exactly that as a pair of brand new maps get added to the game’s competitive multiplayer modes.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets New Multiplayer Map Now, Cooperative Mode In June

What’s better than mercilessly mowing down your enemies in Killzone: Shadow Fall? Doing so with a bunch of your best buddies in tow! Along with a new free multiplayer map.

Killzone: Mercenary Launches Offline Botmode For Vita Shooter Today

The war between the Helghast and the ISA continues to rage on the Vita as the team at Guerilla Cambridge finally announce the launch of an offline Botzone for Killzone: Mercenary, releasing today.

Killzone Shadow Fall Gets Free Maps Now, Insurgent DLC Pack Incoming

Fans of PlayStation 4 FPS Killzone Shadow Fall are likely already aware that a pair of brand new multiplayer maps were quietly released for the game just a couple of days ago. Now the developers at Guerrilla Games have broken the silence on the title's first major online update, the Insurgent Pack.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Gives Glimpse Of First Pair Of Free Maps

If you’re getting tired of blasting your way through the same old stomping grounds in Killzone: Shadow Fall’s online multiplayer, then developer Guerrilla Games has some good news for you: The first two new maps are inbound.

Killzone: Shadowfall Patch Adds Team Voice Chat

Guerrilla Games managed to sneak in one last patch for PS4 exclusive Killzone: Shadowfall before the holiday break. Patch 1.07 introduces team-based voice chat to the shooter while also making a number of other revisions.

Review: Killzone: Shadow Fall Forges A Shaky New Path

In Killzone: Shadow Fall, the series' long-running tradition of evolution is alive and well in both the single player and multiplayer campaigns. While not everything Guerrilla Games tries to accomplish in this latest shooter for the PlayStation 4 is a resounding success, you have to at least appreciate the effort to shake things up. And while some of those big alterations fall flat, there are just as many moments where this PS4 FPS truly soars.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Walkthrough Guide

Killzone: Shadow Fall has recently launched for the PlayStation 4, which itself just recently launched this past Friday. The game and the system have taken the gaming community by storm, offering up the next-generation of gameplay and visuals on a PlayStation home console.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Launch Trailer Breaks The Truce

We're just a couple of days out from the launch of the PlayStation 4 and standing right by its side will be the first big AAA FPS exclusive to the new generation, Killzone: Shadow Fall. To celebrate the revitalized war between the Vektans and Helghast, a new launch trailer and impressive tech demo has been made for your peepers to explore.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets Ready For Launch With Multiplayer Footage

With just under two weeks left until the launch of the PlayStation 4, we can expect to see a downpour of media concerning the new console's launch titles leading up to the big day. This weekend, Sony released some hands-on impressions for Killzone: Shadow Fall, along with a hefty look at online play from one of the game's early testers.

Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4 Peripherals Available Now

It looks like Sony has lifted the release date restrictions tied to all things PlayStation 4 except for the console itself, meaning gamers can stock up on any games and peripherals they happen to come across in the wild a full two weeks before they can actually use any of it.

Killzone Mercenary Interview: Scoring Music For The ISA And Helghast

One of the design elements that really helped capture the mood and tone of the game was Walter Mair's soundtrack. We had a chance to ask Mair a few questions about working on the score for Killzone: Mercenary and what the experience was like taking on one of the grittiest franchises on the market. Check it out below.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Video Features 7 Minutes Of Unimpressive Gameplay

Even though the release is almost practically around the corner, we haven't had a lot of screen-time of Killzone. In fact, out of all the next-gen games on the horizon, next to DriveClub, Killzone seems to stay out of the video spotlight... until today.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Season Pass Includes Six DLC Packs

Guerrilla Games revealed today that Killzone: Shadow Fall will have at least six multiplayer DLC packs. Players can get access to all of them by purchasing the $19.99 Season Pass.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Screenshots Reveal The Black Hand

Killzone: Shadow Fall players will face off against a secretive organization called the Black Hand. Today Guerrilla Games gave a full run-down on these dangerous foes complete with screenshots.

Killzone: Mercenary Review - The Vita Gets Its Shooter

Let’s just cut straight to the chase, shall we? The one question on all of our minds concerning Killzone: Mercenary is “Did Guerilla Cambridge finally deliver on the promise of making a quality first-person shooter for a portable console?” The answer, in brief, is “absolutely.”

Killzone: Mercenary Trailer - Get Rich Or Die Trying

Sony unleashed a new trailer for the upcoming Killzone: Mercenary for the PlayStation Vita featuring some of the game's thrilling first-person shooter combat, as well as the basic principle behind the mercenaries in the game: they don't have sides, they're just trying to get rich or they'll die trying. If your inner 50 Cent just perked up, well then the trailer did its job.

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