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No Man's Sky Made Some Updates This Week, Here's What's New

Hello Games announced that there's yet another update available for No Man's Sky for those playing on PC or PlayStation 4. Update 1.34 has gone live, and there's a complete changelog of all the massive changes that were made for the game, ranging from the AI being overhauled to optimizing save files so that they don't get too big.

Hello Games Finally Responds To The Reception Of No Man's Sky

The promotion of No Man's Sky as the evolution of console gaming and a revolution in space simulation fell flat with a lot of people... especially PC gamers. The reality is that the title was what you would expect from an indie studio. Well, after all of the criticisms, feedback and comments, Hello Games finally responded to it all.

No Man's Sky Was Either A Mistake, Or The Developer Got Hacked

A lot of people have been talking about No Man's Sky today, and, no, not because of the already ongoing controversy regarding the game not living up to what was advertised and promised. It's because of some explosive tweets and e-mails sent out that have people thinking the devs got hacked.

Here's When You Can Play No Man's Sky On PC

Hello Games founder Sean Murray took to Twitter recently to explain the PC release date for No Man's Sky is slightly different than the release date for the PlayStation 4. How different? A couple of days different.

How To Survive In No Man's Sky, See The Video

The newest promotional trailer for the upcoming No Man's Sky focuses on the game's survival aspects. We've seen the trading, the crafting, the flying and the combat, but sometimes it's just the planet's environment in No Man's Sky that can give you a real run for your money.

You Won’t Need PlayStation Plus To Play No Man’s Sky, Get The Details

No Man's Sky has been one of the most highly anticipated independent games this summer not just for its vibrant art style, but also for how massive and ambitious the game seems to be. And when the game releases next month, you won't have to have a PlayStation Plus subscription to play it.

How Trade Will Work In No Man's Sky

A new trailer for No Man's Sky breaks down how trading works and giving gamers a clue about the process of trading. It's both easy and complex given the structure of No Man's Sky, but the trailer manages to showcase some interesting items within the span of a minute.

New No Man's Sky Video Shows In-Game Space Battles

It's been a long haul to the launch of No Man's Sky, but the final countdown has begun. Still, many are left wondering what they'll actually be doing once they step into the game's nearly infinite universe. According to this latest video, combat will be one of the key components.

Here's What Happened After No Man's Sky Was Sued Over Its Name

No Man's Sky has had an interesting and tumultuous road towards release. The company's studio was flooded, they had to delay the game recently, and now they've just finished a legal battle to retain the name of the title No Man's Sky.

The Crazy Reason That No Man's Sky's Creator Is Receiving Death Threats

The delay for No Man's Sky was really no secret but the delay was somewhat exacerbated by the rumor mill, which had some wildly dense speculation about how badly the game would be delayed. Well, when Sean Murray from Hello Games tried to explain the delay on Twitter, he was met with some not-so-kind responses from some people.

You Might Not Be Seeing No Man's Sky This June

While No Man’s Sky proved to be an overly ambitious space exploration game with an equally-ambitious release date, the inevitable seems to have caught up with the Hello Games team. Reports have indicated the game could be delayed.

No Man's Sky Could Get VR Support, According To The Developer

Would you play No Man's Sky in VR if it supported the option? Well, according to the founder of Hello Games, Sean Murray, he thinks that No Man's Sky and VR are a perfect fit, and that it could be possible for the galactic exploration game could get support for headsets sometime down the road.

How No Man's Sky's Lore Will Build The Universe, According To The Developer

We still know practically nothing about the lore in the upcoming PC and PS4 title, No Man's Sky. The game won't have a traditional story per se, but the founder of Hello Game explained that some renown creative minds in the sci-fi field have lent their talents to the project.

When No Man's Sky's Official Soundtrack Will Release

Despite Hello Games' No Man's Sky being an indie title, the game has been treated very much like an AAA release amongst gamers and the press. The title is always spotlighted in the news for every little tidbit and morsel of info that appears, and in this case we've discovered that the official release date for the soundtrack will be on June 17.

No Man's Sky Available For Pre-Order On GOG.com

Hello Games' No Man's Sky just been priced by a very unlikely source... GOG.com. The game is currently available for pre-order from CD Projekt's digital distribution outlet for the going price of $59.99. The game is set to go live on PC and PS4 this June.

No Man's Sky Finally Gets A Long-Awaited Release Date

No Man’s Sky has been in development since 2013, so it’s been almost three years of polishing and improving, so it’s exciting to see Hello Games finally nail down a release date, which makes the possibility of No Man’s Sky suddenly truly feel like a reality. No Man’s Sky is slated for a June 21 release date this year, this year!

Watch 18 Minutes Of Gameplay From No Man's Sky

Throughout the month IGN will be releasing “IGN First” material for the upcoming game No Man's Sky from Hello Games. The indie title has been the subject of a heck of a lot of discussion and gamers finally get to sample a small taste of what the gameplay will be like.

No Man's Sky Gameplay Trailer Shows Interstellar Travel

At Geoff Keighley's Game Awards 2014, one of the games that received a bit of world premiere gameplay footage was Hello Games' No Man's Sky. The game is an intergalactic adventure title that kind of pushes the definition of “open world” to galactic heights.

No Man's Sky Dev Wants To Avoid Over-Hype

No Man's Sky meteoric rise to fame came from its dedication to showcasing actual gameplay footage and aiming big with ambitious ideas. Well, according to Hello Games, all the hype and media attention is great for getting a game coverage, but the hype can also ruin the potential of the game, too.

See How 'No Man's Sky' Came To Be For PC, PS4 And Xbox One

My goodness, every time I think that No Man's Sky has reached its limit of awesome there's always some new bit of information that comes along that makes me feel as if we're all rediscovering this game for the very first time. That's exactly how it feels with the latest dev doc.

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