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Half-Life, Hotline Miami Crossover Game Is Now Available

Thomas Kole's Half-Line Miami has officially launched for PC gamers over on the website. You can get the game for free right now. For gamers who need a bit of convincing a launch trailer was also released.

8 Most Shocking Twists In Games

In gaming, stories and character development are usually afterthoughts but in some games they stand at the forefront of what we remember about the game. That's why this list is about some of the more shocking twists in some of our favorite titles.

Half-Line Miami Is Fantastic Hotline Miami And Half-Life Mash-Up

Thomas Kole recently released a new video of something called Half-Life Miami. The trailer is just over a minute long and features top-down gameplay of Half-Life 2 set within the gameplay universe of Dennaton Games' Hotline Miami. Check out the video of the mash-up in action.

PAYDAY 2 Hotline Miami DLC Arrives On PC

PAYDAY 2 and Hotline Miami's developers have combined forces for a bloody new experience. The latest DLC pack for PAYDAY 2takes players on a heist inspired by the infamous top-down shooter.

Payday 2 Teaser Reveals Upcoming Hotline Miami-themed DLC

Well here’s a fun, unexpected little crossover. According to a video teaser released by the team at Overkill Software this morning, it looks like Payday 2 will be getting some Hotline Miami DLC. Chicken masks for everyone!

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition Leads The Charge On PlayStation This Week

It's a pretty big week for new game releases on the PlayStation homefront, including one new game for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 that simply wants you to go straight to hell. That's right, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition is finally here, bringing another 10 games along for the ride.

APB: Retribution Is Like Hotline Miami, But For Mobile Devices

Fancy some top-down shooter action on your mobile phone? Probably not, but I had to ask anyway. While many core gamers are quick to mount aversion to anything mobile related, the reality is that those devices are here to stay. That also means that games will continue to be made for said devices, in ranging from high-quality outings to low-ball efforts.

Hotline Miami Hits Plus Alongside Sale Of The Dead Discounts

This could potentially be an absolutely horrendous week for the ole' wallet, as PlayStation Plus Discounts and Sony's freshly launched “Sale of the Dead” offer up buckets of bullets, beasts and blood for extremely low prices. Oh, and Hotline Miami is free for Plus subscribers, too, just in case you have no interest in ridiculously deep discounts, you crazy person.

Kingdoms of Amalur, Hotline Miami, Shadow Of the Colossus, More Hit PS Plus In October

It's a big month for PlayStation Plus in October with a set of games from a wide variety of genres hitting the lineup, including bullet hell, epic RPG, a lil' poker and some good old fashioned ultra violence.

Hotline Miami Mod Invades Overgrowth In New Video

What would Overgrowth, the mod-heavy 3D martial arts, open-world game where you play a rabbit be like if it was played top-down like Hotline Miami and featured the same rocking retro soundtrack? Well, you would get the new video posted up courtesy of YouTube commentator, iDubbbz.

Hotline Miami Not Coming To iOS Because Controls Would Suck

You won't be playing Hotline Miami on your iPad or iPhone anytime soon. Developer Dennaton Games says that an iOS port simply wouldn't work properly.

Deadpool, Hotline Miami, Muramasa, More Hit PSN Tonight

There's going to be a heck of a lot of killing on the PlayStation Network this week as games like Deadpool, Hotline Miami and Spartacus Legends appear on the virtual store shelves. But don't worry, we've been informed that virtual enemies only feel a little bit of pain. You can take 'em out with a (mostly) clear conscience.

Hotline Miami Busts Into PlayStation 3, Vita Next Week

For those of you who “like to hurt people,” the tams at Dennaton Games, Abstration Games and Devolver Digital are serving up a heaping helping of whoopass next Tursday, June 25, when Hotline Miami finally arrives on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Humble Indie Bundle 8 Includes Hotline Miami, Awesomenauts

The latest Humble Indie Bundle is now on sale. Humble Indie Bundle 8 offers seven games, including top-down shooter Hotline Miami and side-scrolling multiplayer game Awesomenauts, for a price set by the customer.

Weekly Recap April 6th: LucasArts Shutdown, Hotline Miami Sequel, Ride To Hell Announced

The biggest news of the week was both shocking, unsurprising, sad and a bit uplifting all in one fell swoop...I'm talking about Disney shutting down LucasArts. On the upside we're getting a sequel to Hotline Miami and Deep Silver is going out and doing something unique...making a new IP called Ride to Hell featuring a rough and tumble biker gang.

Hotline Miami Sequel Set In 1990s, Will Finish The Storyline

The retro murder-simulator Hotline Miami has garnered a lot of praise and kicked up tons of discussion across gaming forums across the web. The game made by two developers from Dennaton Games will be getting a sequel and the sequel will be set in the 1990s instead of the 1980s.

Hotline Miami To Bust Skulls On PS3, Vita This Spring

Hotline Miami, one of the biggest breakout indie PC games of 2012, is coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. That’s right, now you can murder the ever-loving crap out of some 8-bit criminals in front of the TV or on the go.

Top 5 Games Of 2012: Pete's List

2012 was full of surprises. If you asked me twelve months ago to guess my top five games of this year, the list would've looked something like this: Grand Theft Auto V, Mass Effect 3, BioShock Infinite, The Last of Us and Tomb Raider. In the end, four of those games weren't even released.

Hotline Miami Dev Was Broke But Still Helped Pirates

Jonatan Soderstrom and the rest of the crew at Dennaton Games aren't rich by any strech of the imagination. Recently, Dennaton's Soderstrom tweeted about his dire financial situation and later said that he hopes they make enough from Hotline Miami to keep making bigger and better games.

Hotline Miami Is A Grotesque Masterpiece

Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital really knocked it out of the ballpark with Hotline Miami, it's pretty much gaming's version of Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive but with a much darker and more psychologically driven plot device behind it, in plain terms it's a grotesque masterpiece of digital entertainment.

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