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The Best PS4 Games... So Far

So you just bought a PS4 and you're not sure what. Fortunately you've got plenty of options. Here are the best games on far.

Mario Kart 8 Gives Wii U Bigger Boost Than First-Party Titles For Xbox One, PS4

As the old saying goes, just because a system is more powerful doesn't mean it's better. In this case, we learn that software really does sell hardware, especially in the case of the Wii U.

Titanfall Wins March As Top Selling Software, Still Can't Help Xbox One

Titanfall, the multi-platform Microsoft brand exclusive from Respawn Entertainment and EA, managed to top the software charts for March, coming in at the number one spot.

InFamous: Second Son Screenshot Comparison Proves It Wasn't Downgraded

Gearnuke decided to finally put to rest the claims of inFamous: Second Son being downgraded by actually comparing the game's graphics at different times of the day and snapping screenshots.

inFamous Second Son Review Round-Up: Does The PS4 Exclusive Deliver?

Tomorrow the PS4 exclusive superhero gameinFamous: Second Son will launch worldwide. The reviews are already online, though. So, what did critics think of Sucker Punch's last game?

Metal Gear 5, inFAMOUS Second Son Hit PlayStation Consoles This Week

If you've ever wanted to sneak into a military instillation, dole out justice with your fire-flinging super powers or slice up hordes of the undead with a katana, this week's lineup of new games arriving on PlayStation consoles will have you covered on all fronts.

InFamous Second Son Video Features 22 Minutes Of Gameplay

Nearly 23 full minutes of inFamous: Second Son has gone live for the PlayStation 4, featuring the entire intro gameplay sequence and a small glimpse at how the moral choices in the game will affect the outcome of the story, and whether or not you and Delsin Rowe take a trip down infamy lane.

InFamous Second Son Hasn't Been Downgraded For PS4, Says Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch Studios has gone over and beyond to reassure gamers that inFamous: Second Son hasn't been downgraded.

InFamous: Second Son Has No Multiplayer But It Is Replayable

The co-founder of Sucker Punch Studios and the producer of inFamous: Second Son, Brian Fleming, opted to answer some fan questions about the upcoming exclusive for the PS4, and he had some interesting things to say about the game.

InFamous: Second Son Live Action Trailer Wants You To 'Enjoy Your Power'

Infamous: Second Son is only a couple of weeks away from its late-March release date and, leading up to the launch of one of the first major exclusives to grace the PlayStation 4, the developers at Sucker Punch have decided to put together a brand new live action trailer celebrating the fact that with great power comes great fun.

InFamous: Second Son Digital Download Size Revealed For PS4

The time is drawing near for the PlayStation 4's first AAA exclusive title to launch this March. The game will be competing in sales against Titanfall, which is set for release on the Xbox 360, PC and Xbox One.

InFamous: Second Son Pre-Order Comes With Condoms At GameStop Italy

Big box with a cool new game? Check. Awesome special edition box art? Check. Booklets and energy drinks? Double check. Glow-in-the-dark condoms? Oh you better believe it.

InFamous: Second Son Video Shows Some Beautiful Shots Of Seattle

Sucker Punch Studios let loose a brand new video featuring the core setting of Seattle, Washington, recreated with startling detail and lot of small visual nuances that you may not have been expecting from an open-world, anti-hero game.

Battlefield 4 And Other 'Hostile' Games Banned In China

For now, China's cultural ministry has already made it known that they won't allow any game that they feel is “hostile” towards their government or the portrayal of the country within the game.

InFamous: Second Son CES 2014 Gameplay Video Is Frustrating

Sort of new footage for the PlayStation 4 exclusive inFamous: Second Son has gone public from this year's Consumer Electronics Show. The event played host to a ton of cool gadgets and content that sometimes frequently had a thing or two to do with a little $60 billion dollar industry known as video games.

inFamous: Second Son Trailer Features Five Minutes Of Explosive Gameplay

The video is five minutes of pure gameplay that shows lead protagonist Delsin Rowe causing all sorts of destructive mayhem, while spouting off some uncouth witticism at the expense of his unfortunate, ill-prepared opposition.

Infamous: Second Son Collector's Edition, Limited Edition Includes Cole DLC

Infamous: Second Son pre-order customers will have two options to choose from: the $59.99 Limited Edition as well as a $79.99 Collector's Edition. Each provides a voucher for a DLC pack called Cole's Legacy.

Watch Dogs, Infamous, Borderlands 2 Vita Shown Off At Gamescom

It was a big morning for game announcements at the Sony Gamescom press conference, featuring brand new games like Resogun and Velocity 2X, a new look at previously announced offerings, like Watch_Dogs and Infamous: Second Son, and even a few surprises, like the fact that Borderlands 2 is coming to Vita.

inFamous Second Son Trailer Previews Smoke Abilities, Destruction

A really weird super power to have is one based on smoke. However, the new main protagonist in inFamous Second Son will start the game with smoke abilities and scale his powers from there. The new developer video gives gamers an awesome look at how Delsin Rowe, the young graffiti-artist turned super-villain handles his new smoke powers.

inFamous Second Son Gameplay Kills Them With Fire

inFamous: Second Son won't be out this fall but Sucker Punch already had some gameplay footage to share this week. The five minutes of footage show Delsin Rowe running amuck on the streets of Seattle.

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