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Interstellar Marines Now Available For Early-Access On Steam

Finally! After an entire generation of waiting, wanting, begging, craving, yearning and crying, Interstellar Marines is finally available for early-access purchase on Steam. Yes, that's right, you can finally put money into the coffers of Zero Point Software for the highly anticipated, AAA indie title, Interstellar Marines.

Interstellar Marines Joins Kickstarter

Zero Point Software has announced that they have taken to Kickstarter to finalize the promotion of their first-person shooter, Interstellar Marines. The game is a highly immersive indie project that takes players out into deep space where they will encounter all sorts of crazy creatures, including that infamous sharkdog.

Interstellar Marines Needs Your Help On Steam Greenlight

Zero Point Software is taking the appropriate steps to getting the highly anticipated indie title, Interstellar Marines out and about to the public. They've managed to get the game listed on Valve's new Greenlight community service and now all you have to do is vote it up to help get the game on Steam's store.

Interstellar Marines Deadlock 0.4.0 Released With New Trailer

Zero Point Software unleashed the latest version of Interstellar Marines's Deadlock 0.4.0. You might remember that back in February Zero Point let loose version 0.3.0, showing off new weather and environmental effects. Well, in 0.4.0 they added even more features and even more gameplay immersion.

Interstellar Marines Deadlock 0.3.0 Released

Want to battle your friends in some kill and be killed deathmatch? Well, you've got about a thousand different games out there for that. However, if you wanted to experience the deathmatch aspects of the upcoming FPS from indie studio Zero Point Software, you can.

Unity Games Will Be Available On LG Smart TVs This Year

Unity and LG announced today that all LG's 2012 line-up of Smart TVs will featured games available from developers under the Unity license umbrella. What does this mean? It means you could be playing Interstellar Marines on a 60 inch TV before 2012 is out.

Interstellar Marines: Deadlock Update Goes Live

Zero Point Software is still hanging in there and they have no content up and available for members, including the new cloud-based, multiplayer ready update for the sci-fi FPS Interstellar Marines, called Deadlock.

Interview: Interstellar Marines Details, Multiplayer, Weapons And More

Some gamers might be wondering why there are hold-me-off mini-games for Interstellar Marines and some gamers might be questioning what the holdup is. Well, we had a chance to ask the lead game designer for Interstellar Marines, Kim Haar Jorgensen, a few questions about the project, the gameplay details, the multiplayer, the RPG mechanics and the weapon systems.

Interstellar Marines Co-op Prequel  Game To Arrive On PSN, XBLA Before Full Game

The developers have decided to whet the appetites of gamers with a cooperative back-story prequel game that will explain the story for the main game. What’s more is that this prequel game of sorts will make an appearance on Steam, XBLA and PSN Before the main game arrives.

Weekly Recap Feb 26th: Interstellar Marines On XBLA And PSN, Battle Los Angeles, Doctor Who MMO

After a long hiatus from the news circuit, Zero Point Software made a return with a lot of new information regarding the development of Interstellar Marines. New info has also emerged regarding a possible Battle: Los Angeles game following the movie. And a new free-to-play Doctor Who: Worlds In Time MMO is in development.

Interstellar Marines RPG Features And Four-Player Co-op Campaign Detailed

You may have heard bits and pieces about the multiplayer in Interstellar Marines including the cooperative modes planned for the game. Well, the game's designer revealed some interesting and detailed news about the game's RPG mechanics and the four-player cooperative campaign.

Interstellar Marines Development Confirmed For PS3 And Xbox 360

You may be hearing a lot more about Interstellar Marines because Zero Point Software has their hands on PS3 and Xbox 360 development kits and the game is being planned for release across the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Interstellar Marines Bullseye Mini-Game Now Available On Kongregate

Gamers interested in testing out the shooting mechanics of the upcoming, independent first-person shooter, Interstellar Marines, can now do so at the popular online gaming portal, Kongregate.

Interstellar Marines: Concepts, Sci-Fi And Multiplayer Teaser Revealed

Zero Point Software released a new developer documentary of sorts showing off a lot of the gameplay, some of the concept art and a brief teaser for the upcoming multiplayer mode.

Interstellar Marines Comparison Video Sets The Bar High

To ensure that gamers are going to be receiving a triple-A quality title, the new video documentary compares the game to another high profile shooter.

Interstellar Marines: Running Man Is Now Available To Play

Zero Point Interactive's highly awaited first-person shooter, Interstellar Marines, is on the receiving end of a brand new playable scenario called "Running Man".

Interstellar Marines Bullseye Launch Trailer

A friendly video reminder was sent out from the folks over at Zero Point Interactive to ensure that gamers are well aware that the "Bullseye" web-browser game for Interstellar Marines is currently available to play.

The Vault Is Unlocked For Interstellar Marines In New Trailer

Zero Point Software recently released a new trailer letting gamers know that "The Vault" is unlocked and new content can be viewed.

Interstellar Marines: Vault Is Now Open, Kiss Screenshots And Trailers Goodbye

Today, Zero Point Interactive announced that “The Vault” is now open. Take a guess on what you’ll be kissing goodbye?

Interstellar Marines "The Vault" Trailer Says Trailers And Screens Are Obsolete

If the headline seems a little confusing, well then you’re not alone. Zero Point Software released a new teaser trailer that actually promotes trailers and screenshots as being last-gen.

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