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5 Games That Should Be Remastered For Next-Gen Consoles

It's great that games like Ratchet And Clank and Crash Bandicoot have made their pay to the PS4, and it seems like every day there's another backwards compatible Xbox game. But these are five games I feel like need to finally come to the next-gen consoles.

The Legacy Of Kain Spinoff Nosgoth Has Been Canceled

The Legacy of Kain franchise hasn't been able to catch a break lately. It seems like each new potential game gets hit with cancellation news and the Nosgoth spin-off based on the Legacy of Kain lore is yet another game tossed in the trash can by the publisher.

Legacy Of Kain Revival Could Totally Happen

Classic franchises that helped shape certain genres never quite leave our mind. One of those franchises is Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, the spin-off sequel to Blood Omen. A lot of old-school fans have been wanting a revival of the series and according to Crystal Dynamics... it's possible.

Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver's Cancelled Successor Revealed Through Gameplay Video

A 30 minute video has been released of the cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun game that was originally scheduled to release on Xbox 360 and PS3, but managed to get canned instead.

Legacy Of Kain Is Back, Kind Of

Square Enix has heard your pleas, mortals, and is bringing back the Legacy of Kain series. Don't get too excited, though: it's a free-to-play, multiplayer game.

Legacy Of Kain Trilogy Lands On Steam

Now here's something you probably didn't see coming. Eidos Interactive's and Crystal Dynamic's well-regarded and classic platform, adventure, RPG-style action game is getting the re-release treatment on Steam. The PSX classics helped shape a genre, and now new-school gamers get to experience some of that golden-era goodness.

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