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When The Mega Man Legacy Collections Will Arrive On Nintendo Switch

While the Nintendo Switch eShop is still a no-show a full year into the console's life cycle, at least fans will soon be able to get in some classic Mega Man action via a pair of Legacy Collections.

Borderlands' Mikey Neumann Asked The Internet For Bad Video Game Box Art And The Results Are Glorious

Over on Twitter, FilmJoy's Mikey Neumann threw out a challenge to his followers. In short, he wanted to see some terrible video game box art, and they absolutely delivered.

Nintendo Switch Is Getting All The Classic Mega Man Titles

It's been a big week for Mega Man, with Capcom making all sorts of game announcements to celebrate the iconic character's 30th anniversary. Switch owners, in particular, have a lot to look forward to, as all of the classic series offerings will soon be available on Nintendo's new platform.

Mega Man X Series Is Coming To All New Consoles And PC

Capcom is giving Mega Man fans plenty to be excited about. After announcing that Mega Man 11 was in the works and planned for release in 2018, the company also announced that a Mega Man X collection was also set to re-release for today's current gen consoles at some point during the summer of 2018.

Mega Man 11 Is Coming In 2018

Hard to believe, but Mega Man is celebrating his 30th birthday this year. To celebrate, Capcom has announced that the next numbered game in the main series is in development, heading our way in 2018. Get ready to clap your peepers on Mega Man 11.

Capcom Announces Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

If you enjoyed the original Mega Man Legacy Collection, we've got great news for you. Capcom has decided to complete the saga, announcing Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will be headed to multiple platforms later this year.

Mega Man May Be Getting A New Legacy Collection

There appears to be some news indicating that Capcom might be releasing a new Mega Man Legacy Collection, following up on the release of the original collection they released back in 2015 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and later on in 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS.

The Original Mega Man Games Are About To Become Even More Difficult

Mega Man, a series of games known for its difficulty, is about to get a heck of a lot harder next month. The game is coming to a new platform, but possibly not one you expect.

See The First New Image From The Mega Man TV Show

Every kid dreams of becoming their favorite video game character, which appears to be the hook of the new Mega Man animated series heading to the airwaves next year. The new show’s first image is also now available to clap your peepers on.

Mighty No. 9 Has Been Delayed Again

We’ve got some disappointing news for folks who have been eagerly anticipating the February launch of Mighty No. 9: Keiji Inafune’s spiritual successor to the Mega Man series has once again been delayed.

Capcom Has Just Announced A New Mega Man Collaboration

I'm sure many fans of Mega Man were hoping this would be the big news story to end all big news stories about Mega Man, but it's not. This is not about Capcom handing over to Nintendo the Mega Man license. Instead, it's about Capcom adding Mega Man content to Monster Hunter X on the Nintendo 3DS.

7 Great Franchises That May Never Get Another Game

The unfortunate truth of the video games industry is that, sometimes, there’s just too much red tape and far too many outside factors standing in the way of a beloved series getting a new entry. To that end, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite series that may have officially ridden off into the sunset.

Mega Man's Top 5 Robot Masters

Mega Man has battled nearly 100 Robot Masters in his numbered series alone, blasting his way through hordes of lowly minions to topple and absorb the power of his greatest foes. So that got us thinking; which of these diabolical contraptions are the best of the best?

Mega Man: Shenmue Trailer Imagines The Impossible Crossover

Some fans of various games take their fandom to all new heights when they create their own fan fiction for various properties. Case in point: Peter Sjöstrand's 2.5D crossover featuring Shenmue and Mega Man. The video below is only three minutes but it's three glorious minutes, check it out.

Watch This Amazing Mega Man Player Beat Two Games Simultaneously

Mega Man games are hard enough to beat on their own. However, one extremely skilled player decided to beat two of them - Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 - at the same time.

Mega Man Creator's Mighty No. 9 Gets Release Date

Comcept USA has announced the official release date for Mighty No. 9, the spiritual spin-of to the highly popular but often disregarded Mega Man franchise. Comcept has signed a deal with Deep Silver, pushing the official release date back from spring all the way to September 15th.

Mega Man Creator’s 3DS Title Canceled By Publisher

We never knew much about Kaio: King of Pirates, the anthropomorphic-pirate title by Mega Man designer Keiji Inafune. But today we know one thing for certain: it's canceled.

Super Smash Bros. Rap Reveals Mega Man Is A Stone-Cold Killer

Smosh Games released a “Smash Rap” that celebrates Mega Man. Why Mega Man? Because once you figure out how to play him in Super Smash Bros. you'll become an unstoppable menace.

The Newest Mega Man Game Isn't What We Hoped For

Fans of Mega Man have been clamoring for a new game for a long time. Well, Capcom has listened to fans and released a new Mega Man game... it's just not quite what a lot of people hoped for.

Watch Teens Suck At Mega Man

It's become a trend to have today's generation of teenager play classics from the olden-days of gaming; I'm talking the 1980s of gaming. A group of teens were selected to play the 1987 Capcom classic, Mega Man, for the NES.

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