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No More Heroes Is Getting A Sequel On Nintendo Switch

We knew that a brand new No More Heroes game was in the works. Suda51 had informed the gaming audience that Travis Touchdown wasn't done with Nintendo platforms back when Nintendo originally unveiled the Switch during a stage presentation. However, now we're getting to see the game for the very first time for Nintendo's newest generation gaming device.

A Classic Wii Franchise Is Coming Back On The Nintendo Switch

Legendary director Goichi Suda took the stage during Nintendo's Switch event last night, letting gamers know that a fan-favorite action title from Nintendo's past was gearing up to make a return on their latest console.

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Trailer Released

Want to see what No More Heroes would look like on the PS3 and Xbox 360? Well, here it is, the first trailer for No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise, the high-def port of the Wii action game.

No More Heroes 3 Won't Be On Wii

No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle will, like its predecessor No More Heroes, be a Wii exclusive. However, designer Goichi Suda wants to bring the third NMH game to a different platform.

No More Heroes Not Coming To Xbox 360 Or PS3

One Wii game that the "hardcore" 360 and PS3 owners would love to get their hands on is Grasshopper's No More Heroes. Unfortunately, a port doesn't seem likely in the near future.

The Wii Is For Girls, And That's Why Nintendo Is Screwed

After coming out the gate like a Meatloaf bat out of hell, the Wii is seeing a slight dip over in Japan, and it won’t be long before it starts realizing it over here, too, and that’s because the Wii is targeted to the kind of audience that might see it as a cute little fad

TGS 08: No More Heroes Sequel Coming Soon

Good news for all three of you who purchased No More Heroes for the Wii: Goichi Suda will get his wish and is preparing No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. Little has been revealed besides the title but a teaser trailer has been released.

Wii And DS In 2008: The Hot 5 Games

Next up is Nintendo, which had a pretty stellar year in sales in 2007 with the Wii and the DS. But as loud as those cash registers were, they couldn’t over shadow the din of hardcore fans complaining that Nintendo might have sold out to the casual crowd. Fortunately for Nintendo, and unfortunately for the hardcore, it doesn’t look like Nintendo is going to be slowing down anytime soon with their motive of get as many games out there as possible for an ever increasing market. Well, at least their first party games are still good.

Have Wii Been Had?

One year after the Wii’s release, it can easily be described as an unquestionable success, selling at an astronomical rate that has outpaced both the 360 and the PS3. But now that a year has passed, looking back on the Wii, we might ask if it is really turning out to be all that its customers had hoped for?

No More Heroes Opening Cinematic

While we may have our reservation about Suda 51’s upcoming No More Heroes Wii title (we don’t easily forget the wonky game mechanics and horrible voice acting of Killer7), you can’t say the game lacks style. Earlier today we brought you the TGS trailer that proved it.

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